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6040 Task Metacat-index does not handle <references> New High Jing Tao 2.3.0
  2.x.y 53 Collapse all/Expand all
421 Bug create simple turnkey installer for metacat Phase II In Progress Immediate Michael Daigle 2.x.y
1542 Bug SQL Server support broken New Immediate Saurabh Garg 2.x.y
3396 Bug Enable event notification feature In Progress Immediate Chris Jones 2.x.y
3402 Bug internal dtds are not handled In Progress Immediate ben leinfelder 2.x.y
3835 Bug design and implement OAI-PMH compliant harvest subsystem In Progress Immediate Duane Costa 2.x.y
1122 Bug XML document is a string in HttpServerletRequest object In Progress Normal Jing Tao 2.x.y
1123 Bug The DOM tree in EML parser probably cause memory issue In Progress Normal Jing Tao 2.x.y
1213 Bug emlbeta6 to eml2 conversion stylesheets should be relocatable In Progress Normal Saurabh Garg 2.x.y
1297 Bug Registry: Changes in the Basic Information New Normal Saurabh Garg 2.x.y
1299 Bug Registry: NCEAS: Changes in project list box New Normal Saurabh Garg 2.x.y
1300 Bug Changes in DataSet Orignator New Normal Saurabh Garg 2.x.y
1452 Bug dtd filenames clash if reused for multiple PUBLIC identifiers In Progress Normal Matt Jones 2.x.y
2130 Bug Not able to delete DPs from KNB New Normal ben leinfelder 2.x.y
2159 Bug Metacat Performance: Divide xml_nodes based on the doctype New Normal Jing Tao 2.x.y
2176 Bug Moderator UI and functionality for ESA New Normal Saurabh Garg 2.x.y
2180 Bug Make it easier for admin to add new layers In Progress Normal ben leinfelder 2.x.y
2187 Bug Option to view map or metadata. New Normal Matthew Perry 2.x.y
2228 Bug Use method other than metadata string filters for determining the organizations affiliationed with a data package New Normal Chris Barteau 2.x.y
2229 Bug Allowing web registry pull-down menu for "Station Name" to select multiple stations New Normal Saurabh Garg 2.x.y
2313 Bug Metacat Skins: Skins should not be installed by default New Normal Chris Jones 2.x.y
2501 Bug Add links to FGDC-tranformed version of EML documents New Normal Will Tyburczy 2.x.y
2734 Bug Duplicates between organizations and more than one organization listed as a owner New Normal Chris Barteau 2.x.y
2849 Bug Bounding box problems when spanning the meridian New Normal Chris Barteau 2.x.y
2986 Bug No need for restart tomcat after modifying New Normal Jing Tao 2.x.y
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