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# Date Author Comment
6801 12/16/2011 11:37 AM Jing Tao

Using a branch name for the utilities project. This branch is a copy of the trunk and it uses the BSD license.
We will move this branch to a tag soon.

6781 12/13/2011 04:36 PM Jing Tao

Change the ecogrid tag to 1.2.2.RC5.

6607 11/04/2011 03:04 PM ben leinfelder

newer seek tag

6581 11/01/2011 02:09 PM ben leinfelder

use EML style tag for: only show organization when the individual is omitted

6565 10/28/2011 08:39 PM ben leinfelder

load hazelcast test files from the classpath rather than from rob's personal directory.

6561 10/27/2011 05:51 PM ben leinfelder

move the DataONE 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT

6559 10/27/2011 04:05 PM ben leinfelder

call the web.xml tomcat6 not tomcat5

6486 09/21/2011 05:24 PM ben leinfelder

include default hazelcast.xml in the war build

6438 09/15/2011 12:58 PM ben leinfelder

remove unused/old D1 SCHEMA downloads and build tasks

6363 07/20/2011 03:05 PM ben leinfelder

exclude non-test cases (d1)

6184 06/22/2011 05:21 PM Jing Tao

On the fullclean target, add code to delete the entired checked-out utilities directory.

6124 06/07/2011 09:53 AM Chris Jones

Merged in the D1_0_6_2_BRANCH changes that include the transition from ObjectFormat calls to ObjectFormatCache calls.

6097 05/24/2011 04:18 PM ben leinfelder

do not use XML files for storing SystemMetadata - use DB tables only.

6096 05/20/2011 10:23 AM Matt Jones

Committing the change to the utilities tag to pick up fixes in newline handling at the end of the files. With this, the MetacatClientTests pass.

6092 05/19/2011 01:52 PM Matt Jones

Modified Metacat to build against the D1_SCHEMA_0_6_1 branch of the dataone schemas by incorporating the 0.6.1-SNAPSHOT version of d1_common and d1_libclient libraries, and refactoring Metacat code references to the d1 schema changed types.

6053 04/28/2011 02:31 PM ben leinfelder

remove very old "metacat webservice" code - as far as i can tell it is never referenced or used. plus we have eocgrid and the new D1 rest services covering this territory now

6026 03/29/2011 01:18 PM ben leinfelder

new EML style tag

6013 03/17/2011 09:02 AM ben leinfelder

use newer ecogrid tag to allow omission of the ecogrid query title (as is allowed in the query.xsd schema)

6003 03/02/2011 02:47 PM Chris Jones

The DataONE service API jar has been renamed to d1_common_java-0.5.0.jar, updated the build file accordingly. Added debug echo of the test classpath.

5980 02/17/2011 11:28 AM ben leinfelder

use latest eml style tag

5964 02/16/2011 11:38 AM ben leinfelder

use newer EML stylesheet tag

5925 02/07/2011 11:31 AM Jing Tao

Add a comment to the new target install-configured-metacat.

5924 02/07/2011 11:20 AM Jing Tao

Using echo to replace propertyfile in order to avoiding character escape.

5919 02/04/2011 04:45 PM Jing Tao

Add a target to change the configuration value to be true.

5914 02/04/2011 06:17 AM ben leinfelder

remove httpclient 3.1 and custom-built httpclient.jar
rework MetacatClient (and other classes) to use httpclient 4
updated build to not create httpclient.jar
encoding tests now pass.

5892 02/03/2011 10:21 AM ben leinfelder

update to ECOGRID_1_2_2RC2 tag

5872 01/31/2011 03:31 PM ben leinfelder

include geoserver.war in the 'install' target but also allow 'bypass' option when geoserver is not deployed next to metacat

5866 01/31/2011 11:29 AM ben leinfelder

include geoserver.war when building the distribution
move xalan jar into common lib where it is used to compile lsid support

5865 01/28/2011 07:22 PM ben leinfelder

do not use "filtering" on binary shape files - they will be corrupt

5842 01/25/2011 02:49 PM Jing Tao

Change the ecogrid tag to tags/ECOGRID_1_2_2_RC1.

5841 01/25/2011 01:57 PM Jing Tao

fullclean will remove entire ecogrid dir rather than just two files.

5839 01/25/2011 11:08 AM ben leinfelder

omit spatial exclusions that do not exist (part of the geoserver removal)

5829 01/21/2011 03:08 PM ben leinfelder

geoserver upgrade:
-remove embedded geoserver
-include geotools api and update spatial harvesting
-include simple template for using maps in skin (openlayers now, not mapbuilder)

5815 01/18/2011 05:03 PM ben leinfelder

use a non-runtime classpath to locate the axis tasks (required when I upgraded to ant 1.8)

5809 01/14/2011 12:11 PM ben leinfelder

only use tags when pulling resources from other projects. if you are doing rapid development in supporting repositories it may be useful to switch to 'trunk' locally but we should try not to forget about this when building releases.
also added a few more resources in the 'fullclean' target to really wipe out the external resources

5773 01/05/2011 12:54 PM ben leinfelder

use latest EML xslt tag for build

5772 01/04/2011 05:24 PM ben leinfelder

merge "shared" and "common" EML stylesheets into single "common" directory that is retrieved from the EML repository when Metacat is built

5753 12/21/2010 02:30 PM ben leinfelder

copy, compile, and run the test classes using UTF-8 encoding since they contain special characters

5709 12/08/2010 04:59 PM ben leinfelder

add support for EML 2.1.1

5657 11/19/2010 03:23 PM berkley

changes for new d1 schemas

5625 10/21/2010 09:53 AM berkley

changed property name of the dataone_schema tag. fixed one hard coded bug

5511 08/24/2010 12:07 PM berkley

changed metacat to get the new version of the d1 schemas

5473 08/03/2010 03:47 PM berkley

fixed a bug where if you don't build from a directory called 'metacat' unintended files can be copied from another 'metacat' directory by the ecogrid build files

5401 06/24/2010 12:43 PM berkley

reverting accidentally committed changes

5399 06/24/2010 12:16 PM berkley

trying another build../cicore/cn-buildout/dataone-cn-metacat/usr/share/metacat/knb.war

5347 05/11/2010 10:58 AM berkley

added a new target to install the dataone schemas from a loca dir if you don't want svn calls being made during installation

5330 04/29/2010 12:56 AM Matt Jones

Updating build to properly clear temporary export directory before doing svn export.

5328 04/28/2010 07:01 PM Matt Jones

Add support for getting the DataONE schemas from SVN and copying them into metacat's schema catalog. Still need to update the oracle scripts as well.

5320 04/19/2010 10:14 PM Matt Jones

Refactored metacat to use dataone-service-api-0.3.0 jar file, with the new JIBX generated types and serialization. Included JIBX runtime jar in metacat to handle serialization and deserialization of SystemMetadata objects. Removed the old API jar file.

5311 04/14/2010 11:31 AM daigle

Merge 1.9.2 changes back into the trunk

5297 04/01/2010 04:30 PM Matt Jones

Excluding the Maven ant tasks jar from the metacat war distribution because
it is not needed (its only used to build dataone-service at build time, and
is unused at runtime), and it conflicts with jar files checked in for Spring
as part of the geoserver install. Also updated dataone interface...

5295 03/24/2010 12:41 AM Matt Jones

Modified the build.xml to include a new task for building the dataone
service api package, which generates a jar file that is put into lib. This
task depends on maven being installed in maven.home, and depends on the
DataONE service_api being checed out in a sibling directory to the build....

5294 03/23/2010 08:37 PM Matt Jones

Updated the build to properly locate the servlet jar depending on which
version of tomcat is being used, tomcat5 or tomcat6.

5176 01/04/2010 10:39 AM daigle

Get all eml code from svn instead of cvs

5073 10/02/2009 01:12 PM daigle

Remove commented out sections

5051 09/01/2009 11:17 AM daigle

change utilities tag property to include "tag/" so that it can be changed from an explicit tag to "trunk" if needed.

5050 09/01/2009 11:07 AM daigle

Build against utilities trunk until release time

5034 08/24/2009 02:41 PM daigle

Create workflow scheduler build

5027 08/14/2009 02:26 PM daigle

Change MetaCatVersion to MetacatVersion

5009 07/30/2009 10:31 AM daigle

Revert change to test target that limits the tests run.

5002 07/30/2009 10:13 AM daigle

Update utilities tag to UTILITIES_1_0_1_RC2

4972 07/06/2009 04:54 PM daigle

Update utilities tag to 1_0_1_RC1

4969 07/01/2009 10:35 AM daigle

Format file

4962 06/29/2009 02:10 PM ben leinfelder

axis-ant (1.3) support in metacat (may need additional jars)

4960 06/18/2009 05:48 PM walbridge

force ecogrid to use SVN for checkouts, currently using trunk (but may swap to a tag in the near future)

4959 06/18/2009 10:24 AM daigle

Added generic scheduler and workflow scheduling functionality.

4943 05/11/2009 08:39 AM Duane Costa

Begin development for Bug 3835: Design and implement OAI-PMH compliant harvest subsystem

4873 03/26/2009 05:02 PM daigle

Update version to 1.9.1. Add nrs ldap properties to configuration.

4843 03/13/2009 01:37 PM daigle

replace eml2_0_1-style-tag with eml2-style-tag

4841 03/13/2009 01:27 PM daigle

Use only one eml common stylesheet directory for all post 2.0.0 beta versions of eml. Point all eml versions to that directory in skin xml files.

4833 03/06/2009 03:33 PM daigle

Use the EML_UTIL_0_9_0 tag

4821 03/02/2009 11:04 AM daigle

Update EML 2.1.0 schema and style (util) tags. These tags now only cover the files relative to each.

4820 02/27/2009 12:05 PM daigle

Clean perl code before building.

4819 02/27/2009 10:42 AM daigle

distribute perl autosplit.ix file with metacat. change tomcat startup script output to echos.

4813 02/18/2009 04:49 PM daigle

add a build property "make.perl.code" so the cgi make can be turned off in build.xml on machines without make.

4812 02/18/2009 04:30 PM daigle

Format indexPaths in Remove from and build.xml. Move indexPath list getter from MetacatUtil to SystemUtil.

4797 02/09/2009 03:01 PM daigle

Add the service registration xml schema to the database. The ecogrid build will add the schema files to the application (see seek)

4794 02/03/2009 03:58 PM daigle

Moved ecogrid hostname to

4765 01/20/2009 10:05 AM daigle

change the eml tag to RC4 instead of head.

4720 12/26/2008 04:35 PM daigle

change dev-install target to be install target

4669 12/10/2008 02:27 PM daigle

re-add line to delete source tar after distribution

4658 12/08/2008 10:40 AM daigle

created a deb-package target which builds a metacat debian package.

4648 12/03/2008 08:59 AM daigle

Add test files to source distribution. Remove old tar and zip files from the distribution.

4641 12/01/2008 04:21 PM daigle

Get helper files from src/scripts

4638 12/01/2008 03:56 PM daigle

add a build-metacat target that is more intuitive than install-ecogrid

4619 11/24/2008 11:51 AM daigle

Add release info property to provide a brief description of the release (release candidate info mostly)

4611 11/21/2008 10:57 AM daigle

Add a tag to the utilities module checkout

4593 11/19/2008 03:28 PM daigle

move to

4576 11/19/2008 10:24 AM daigle

Add lsid server to metacat binary distribution.

4550 11/10/2008 03:30 PM daigle

Remove property. All test driver files are now included in build.

4539 11/10/2008 11:05 AM ben leinfelder

install-ecogrid is required for the distbin
addresses bug #3618

4515 11/05/2008 01:23 PM daigle

fix peer.utilites.required variable. Fix directory.

4514 11/05/2008 08:49 AM daigle

add getpeerutilities to utilities target

4513 11/05/2008 08:39 AM daigle

add a getpeerutilities target to check out utilities if it does not exist.

4498 11/03/2008 10:59 AM ben leinfelder

use RELEASE_EML_2_0_1_UPDATE_7 tag for EML style sheet change.

4435 10/09/2008 10:02 AM daigle

added testPrepare target which copies server test files into the war if the property is set to true in

4405 09/29/2008 10:02 AM daigle

Make ecogrid deploy directories relative paths.

4382 09/24/2008 09:37 AM daigle

Have test cases read properties from configured file.

4372 09/23/2008 01:50 PM daigle

Created a distbin target that creates a binary zip and tar.gz which has the war file and supporting install files.

4369 09/23/2008 09:39 AM daigle

build from within ant. Deploy cgi files to lib dir inside metacat.