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# Date Author Comment
9780 05/18/2016 09:01 AM Chris Jones

Merge changes from the 2.6.0 release.

9643 04/06/2016 03:48 PM Jing Tao

Remove the servlet part from knb metacat url on the morpho screen.

9555 03/11/2016 11:14 AM ben leinfelder

update documentation to use 2.6.0 release number.

9540 03/02/2016 10:04 AM Chris Jones

And don't forget the alternate Redhat instructions.


9539 03/02/2016 09:58 AM Chris Jones

We ended up not being able to use IO::Socket::SSL, so I removed the import statement. Also, add the new Perl module dependencies to the installation documentation.


9512 01/28/2016 05:13 PM Jing Tao

Update the ezid configuration screenshot.

9509 01/28/2016 03:37 PM Jing Tao

Use a new screenshot with the help icon.

9507 01/28/2016 11:38 AM Jing Tao

Fixed a typo.

9506 01/28/2016 11:31 AM Jing Tao

Add the ezid section.

9505 01/28/2016 11:28 AM Jing Tao

Add the section for ezid.

9504 01/27/2016 04:24 PM Jing Tao

Updated the screenshot for the configuration pages.

9485 01/11/2016 10:07 AM ben leinfelder

remove ant commands in harvester configuration instructions.

9402 11/10/2015 04:09 PM Lauren Walker

Mrge from 2.5 branch: Clean up the admin and doc page styles, update all the screenshot images, and include a link to the MetacatUI Github

9390 11/03/2015 12:31 PM ben leinfelder

add section for CN vs MN endpoints for MetacatUI.

9386 11/02/2015 02:34 PM ben leinfelder

update documentation to reference Tomcat 7, Java 7 and newer apache config file name conventions.

9162 04/07/2015 09:33 AM ben leinfelder

add notes about when metacat-index.war and metacatui.war files should be deployed.

9138 03/05/2015 02:47 PM ben leinfelder

add step about enabling CGI module.

9136 03/04/2015 03:23 PM ben leinfelder

remove unnecessary Make step in registry installation instructions.

9003 11/22/2014 02:30 PM Jing Tao

Add the code to install the build-essential package.

8997 11/20/2014 10:00 AM ben leinfelder

merge updates from 2.4.2 changes

8978 11/19/2014 12:18 PM ben leinfelder

update documentation for trunk to use 2.5.0 release number

8849 09/11/2014 02:37 PM ben leinfelder

remove semantic annotation proposal - moved to github:

8801 05/28/2014 05:19 PM ben leinfelder

add more sections about extending the annotation model, serializations, and permissions.

8798 05/27/2014 04:14 PM ben leinfelder

Added more description for the model. cleaned up a few formatting issues.

8797 05/23/2014 05:29 PM ben leinfelder

draft of semantic model documentation

8793 05/21/2014 02:59 PM Lauren Walker

Fixed an error in the ORE model diagrams

8786 05/16/2014 03:13 PM Lauren Walker

Describe the primary data resource in the derived resource RDF

8780 05/15/2014 09:34 AM ben leinfelder

expand the sparql queries to include dcterms:identifier

8779 05/14/2014 02:09 PM Lauren Walker

Text changes to ORE docs

8778 05/14/2014 01:22 PM Lauren Walker

Add documentation for the ORE model expansion for derived data

8754 04/29/2014 03:31 PM Jing Tao

The image which has the default values.

8753 04/29/2014 03:13 PM Jing Tao

Add a new screen shot which contains the cn url.

8726 04/03/2014 09:44 AM Jing Tao

The package libdigest-sha1-perl was removed from ubuntu 12.04. We have to install it from cpan.

8706 03/19/2014 01:26 PM Lauren Walker

Added an explanation of "metacat context" to the Metacat Themes docs based on questions asked by an actual user following our instructions in the docs.

8705 03/18/2014 12:18 PM Lauren Walker

Edited the docs to incude more details about creating a custom theme

8656 02/26/2014 07:55 AM ben leinfelder

update to use 2.4.1 so the trunk has all artifacts for upgrades.

8627 02/20/2014 03:53 PM Lauren Walker

Changed some of the font and stlyes of the metacat docs for easier reading and fixed a big where the metacat admin "configure" buttons were not working

8623 02/20/2014 12:25 PM ben leinfelder

add generated diagrams for stats proposal -- seems to be our practice for other documentation pages.

8597 02/13/2014 12:58 PM ben leinfelder

add a link to the authentication interface page so users can more easily find information on how to add users to the auth file.

8587 02/10/2014 03:38 PM Peter Slaughter

minor formatting error

8586 02/10/2014 03:33 PM Peter Slaughter

Design document for the new Metacat statistics service

8573 02/06/2014 08:25 AM ben leinfelder

Minor edits on the new AuthFile features.

8569 02/05/2014 02:02 PM Jing Tao

Add the documentation for the password file authentication.

8568 02/05/2014 02:01 PM Jing Tao

Add the configuration for the password file authentication.

8567 02/05/2014 02:00 PM Jing Tao

Move the authentication part forward a little bit.

8562 02/04/2014 06:33 PM Jing Tao

Add the screenshots for the password file authentication and ldap authentication.

8555 02/03/2014 02:56 PM ben leinfelder

use v2.4.0 for documentation and upgrade scripts.

8521 01/22/2014 03:35 PM Jing Tao

Add the documentation for the property user management url.

8517 01/21/2014 06:16 PM Jing Tao

Add the part for the AuthFile class in the auth.class property.

8515 01/21/2014 05:03 PM Jing Tao

Add the documentation for the property auth.file.path.

8470 01/08/2014 01:40 PM Lauren Walker

Resampled the background image for the admin docs for a faster page load

8440 12/19/2013 08:53 AM ben leinfelder

prep for 2.3.1 release

8397 11/13/2013 01:41 PM ben leinfelder

point users to the geoserver admin page deployed in the separate geoserver webapp (thanks, TFRI!)

8392 11/12/2013 10:49 PM ben leinfelder

use https for imports so they can load in https deployments.

8358 10/31/2013 09:34 AM ben leinfelder

include perl DateTime module in registry install instructions.

8340 10/21/2013 02:01 PM Lauren Walker

Adding theme configuration screenshot to docs

8339 10/21/2013 01:56 PM ben leinfelder

use 2.3.0 for this next release of metacat.

8337 10/21/2013 12:56 PM ben leinfelder

correct rst formatting.

8336 10/21/2013 12:44 PM ben leinfelder

make sure all versions are using 2.2.2 of some sort -- thinking of making this release a 2.3.0 release because we will be branching/tagging from the trunk, not the 2.2.x branch.

8334 10/18/2013 09:38 AM Matt Jones

Added Lauren to contributors list in the metacat guide, and made the two lists match in sort order.

8307 10/10/2013 01:01 PM ben leinfelder

prep project for 2.2.1 patch release -- will also merge to the 2.2.x branch.

8290 10/08/2013 12:05 PM ben leinfelder

add sample SSLCertificateChainFile directive to DataONE section.

8272 10/02/2013 11:40 AM ben leinfelder

minor edits to the UI theme section.

8269 10/01/2013 04:59 PM ben leinfelder

include reCaptcha instructions, albeit briefly.

8265 09/23/2013 03:54 PM ben leinfelder

Refer to metacat.war deployments since those are now the default.

8263 09/23/2013 11:48 AM Lauren Walker

Added the documentation for the new MetacatUI theming mechanism. Make some styling changes to the documentation and configuration pages and added Bootstrap and FontAwesome.

8246 09/19/2013 12:16 PM Lauren Walker

More screenshots for the docs

8245 09/19/2013 11:59 AM Lauren Walker

FontAwesome and Bootstrap are imported locally rather than via CDN. Updated the docs screenshots to the new style.

8244 09/19/2013 11:30 AM ben leinfelder

correct table formatting for sphinx

8243 09/18/2013 04:09 PM Lauren Walker

Adding a protocol to the <link href=""> for the external CSS

8241 09/18/2013 03:48 PM ben leinfelder

add anchor for plugin handlers property

8240 09/18/2013 03:37 PM Lauren Walker

Pull the external stylesheets in by <link> rather than @import for faster page load

8232 09/18/2013 11:22 AM Lauren Walker

Simplified the importing of images and stylesheets so that both /admin and /docs pull from /docs

8231 09/18/2013 10:28 AM Lauren Walker

Made some CSS changes to the "Go" button in the docs because it was off by a few pixels in three different browsers. Also changed the admin config landing page links to look like buttons

8230 09/18/2013 09:58 AM ben leinfelder

add documentation entries for fields that appear on the main metacat admin page.

8225 09/17/2013 04:33 PM Lauren Walker

Imported FontAwesome after Bootstrap for the FontAwesome icons. Also added a white version of the metacat logo.

8223 09/17/2013 04:32 PM ben leinfelder

prep for 2.2.0 release. include configuration value for metacatui deployment context.

8222 09/17/2013 04:17 PM Lauren Walker

Matched the admin config pages to the default metacatUI theme. Changed the background image of the docs and config pages to a big cat for some metacat branding.

8219 09/17/2013 10:20 AM ben leinfelder

bring the "Go" button down one more pixel to align with the search field.

8196 09/13/2013 02:11 PM Lauren Walker

A few style changes to the docs

8192 09/13/2013 10:02 AM Lauren Walker

Added an ID and div wrapper to the docs html for more precise CSS selectors in the metacatui ExternalView.

8188 09/12/2013 11:19 AM Lauren Walker

Added a Sphinx theme for the documentation that mirrors the new default theme for MetacatUI.

8146 08/13/2013 04:16 PM ben leinfelder

[merge from branch to keep trunk up to date with upgrade history] prep for Metacat 2.1.1 release

8101 08/01/2013 11:37 AM ben leinfelder

clean-up and flesh-out the metacat-index docs.

8018 07/17/2013 11:35 AM ben leinfelder

allow running the Harvester client without a source code checkout. (D. Blankman comments)

8016 07/17/2013 10:04 AM ben leinfelder

move harvest registration page to the default skin, not the KNB skin. update docs to indicate such. (based on comments by D. Blankman)

7830 06/25/2013 04:42 PM ben leinfelder

upgrade to Metacat 2.1.0 on the trunk. This includes a new index_event table for storing indexing events that need to be reprocessed.

7673 05/08/2013 03:34 PM ben leinfelder

add note about backup.

7644 05/01/2013 07:37 AM ben leinfelder

Use 2.0.7 version number in configuration/upgrade/docs (trunk, even though we will not be releasing 2.0.7 from trunk, we want to have the upgrade scripts included here)

7535 04/05/2013 03:21 PM Jing Tao

Add a new class ApplicationController.

7533 04/05/2013 09:28 AM ben leinfelder

(generated image commit) add ObjectPathMap reference for an indication about how we might read the bytes of a science metadata file for generating the index events.

7532 04/05/2013 09:27 AM ben leinfelder

add ObjectPathMap reference for an indication about how we might read the bytes of a science metadata file for generating the index events.

7531 04/04/2013 05:08 PM ben leinfelder

add new Stand-alone indexer component that can utilize more of the cn-index-processor code (Spring configuration) as is. Include Hazelcast reference to illustrate listener mechanism for responding to events that affect the index.

7529 04/03/2013 05:05 PM Jing Tao

Change the name of the class SolrFieldParser to IDocumentSubprocessorFactory.

7528 04/03/2013 12:02 PM Jing Tao

Add SolrDoc and SolrElementField class.

7527 04/02/2013 05:49 PM Jing Tao

Add a new class SolrFieldParser and remove some classes like GenericIndex.

7526 03/28/2013 04:14 PM ben leinfelder

include class diagram for components in the cn-index-processor packaage (dataone), metacat, and solr library.

7522 03/25/2013 10:30 AM ben leinfelder

added more classes to the index diagram to reflect current state of the code - needs to be updated to include plan for implementation (e.g., DocType object is not what we want).

7521 03/22/2013 04:50 PM ben leinfelder

enable plantuml generation when building the sphinx documentation. note that you do need to have graphviz installed, but hopefully that is all.

7509 03/12/2013 03:18 PM ben leinfelder

reference the correct entry for "guid.ezid.enabled"