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1932 11/21/2003 04:59 PM brooke

added JS to maintain ?name=value url params thru' redirect

1929 11/21/2003 03:05 PM brooke

This is the merge from the branch WEB_UI_REDESIGN_BRANCH back into the head.
The only files that have been removed are those in lib/style/eml2; other files
that have been cvs removed (only from lib/ and lib/style) have been re-added
elsewhere (i.e. moved from one directory to another)....

1711 07/01/2003 03:51 PM Jing Tao

Revise some codes.

1697 06/27/2003 05:58 PM Jing Tao

change return field from "title" to "dataset/title".

1524 04/08/2003 01:57 PM Jing Tao

Add returndoctype and returnfield for eml2

916 01/29/2002 10:29 AM berkley

updated all of the returndoctypes so that emlbeta4 and emlbeta6 will show up in the resultset.

892 01/07/2002 10:26 AM berkley

fixed a couple bugs with doctypes that I found while setting up a demo

859 10/22/2001 04:06 PM berkley

fixed access control bug. the character data in the sax parser was not getting trimmed and causing problems. also fixed hard coded eml-dataset public id in the web index file

833 09/14/2001 05:37 PM Matt Jones

Minor bug fixes following change in style handling. Fixed image locations,
cleaned up main resultset stylesheet.

824 09/12/2001 11:19 AM Matt Jones

Updated index page to launch proper initial query.

743 05/21/2001 01:51 PM Matt Jones

Modifications that change the package handling behavior of metacat. Package
membership is now determined by an identifier being used as either the subject
or object in a triple. One can not request arbitrary returndocs -- only
those types that have package information embedded can be "returndoctype"...

666 01/18/2001 11:02 AM Matt Jones

Modified the license and copyright terms for many of the files. Added
a LICENSE file and a README file in preparation of a distribution.

497 10/05/2000 06:50 PM Matt Jones

Various changes to improve consistency of the MARINE and METACAT user
interfaces as presented through the XSL->HTML conversions. Eliminated
one (extraneous) copy of the rowcol.css style sheet in favor of sharing
a single css stylesheet in xmltodb/lib/style/rowcol.css. Modified all...

348 08/14/2000 01:43 PM Matt Jones

Updated build process to now use a copy of the source files so that keyword
substitution can ocur before the build. This allows for substitution of
hardcoded values into the source before the compile. Currently, I am
using this feature to do the following:...

329 08/08/2000 05:39 PM Matt Jones

-Reorganized xmltodb module to support new install process for the new
linux server ( Added "" shell script that
calls ant withthe proper umask set for installation. Use:

./ install

to post a new copy of the servlet and its supporting files to the install...

328 08/07/2000 05:31 PM bojilova

rearrange html pages for login and metacat access

326 08/07/2000 02:43 PM bojilova


217 06/27/2000 07:23 PM Matt Jones

fixed html file parameters

105 05/20/2000 03:07 PM Matt Jones

minor formatting and display update

89 05/09/2000 11:48 AM Matt Jones

update example query in html pages

50 04/17/2000 03:40 PM Matt Jones

changed database connection code, added utility class

47 04/17/2000 10:51 AM Matt Jones

improvements to MetaCatServlet engine, added html access pages for catalog query