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7865 07/09/2013 12:43 PM ben leinfelder

use tagged/released version of d1-portal project.

7850 07/04/2013 12:33 PM ben leinfelder

First pass at MN.getPackage() implementation using Bagit library from LOC.

7737 05/21/2013 11:05 PM ben leinfelder

first pass at integrating CILogon/MyProxy certificates in Metacat. Configuration is specific to for the time being (this will cause localhost deployments to fail webapp deployment).

7704 05/17/2013 10:29 AM ben leinfelder

exclude jibx-tools, maven cruft and org.eclipse "dependencies" to cut down on the number of jar files in the lib folder.

7698 05/16/2013 01:53 PM ben leinfelder

move to libclient/common snapshot to match metacat-common project.

7666 05/07/2013 05:29 PM ben leinfelder

force the use of newer xercesImpl 2.7.1

7632 04/29/2013 09:15 AM Jing Tao

Add the dependency to the metacat-common.

7622 04/24/2013 07:34 PM ben leinfelder

use maven to manage most jar dependencies in Metacat.
Exceptions include: LSID, Datamamager (EML),