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2769 11/18/2005 05:10 PM Matt Jones

New SQL tables and db upgrade scripts that define a new table stucture for identifiers and delete the previously unused accession_number table. This is in anticipation of supporting LSID identifiers. Currently these tables are unused by the servlet but are in place for discussion.

2599 09/27/2005 04:48 PM Matt Jones

Refactored the build to use a <path> element for the classpath rather
than ant properties. This makes the classpath easier to manage, but required
changes throughout the build. I think everything should still build fine --
it works for me.

Upgraded the JDBC driver for postgres to the version 8 driver....

2457 04/05/2005 05:03 PM Matt Jones

dropping the sequences as well in the postgres drop list.

2456 04/05/2005 04:57 PM Matt Jones

Added new tables from metacat 1.5 to the drop list.

2276 09/15/2004 08:56 AM Matt Jones

New schema changes, including upgrade scripts. Includes renamed postgres