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# Date Author Comment
3064 10/24/2006 01:25 PM perry

Removed most (all?) of the deprecated spatial metacat code from head

3057 10/05/2006 04:47 PM perry

Correctly cache doc title in the spatial cache

3055 10/04/2006 02:44 PM perry

fix to docid overrides to handle an empty result set

3054 09/28/2006 02:21 PM perry

Fixed geometry logic to swap north and south if n < s

3053 09/28/2006 01:13 AM Matt Jones

Reverting to previous that uses 'LIKE' for comparisons. This
allows substring matching to work properly, but prevents the postgres index
from being used. As a result, full table scans are done on the tables, causing
a major performance hit. Need to determine how to eliminate the use of LIKE...

3052 09/27/2006 04:21 PM Matt Jones

Modifications to the table definitions to add indices that should be used
when searching the database. Added an upgrade script to create these
indices as well. Modified to use the '=' comparator rather
than 'LIKE' so that we can do index scans rather than table scans. This needs...

3051 09/18/2006 04:47 PM perry

fixed point centroid calculation to reflect bboxs that cross the dateline

3050 09/18/2006 04:45 PM perry

fixed point centroid calculation to reflect bboxs that cross the dateline

3048 09/18/2006 12:07 PM perry

Make spatial query more accurate by actually intersecting geometries in addition to a simple bbox filter. Important for testing intersection of irregular shaped objects or multi-geometries

3047 09/18/2006 11:21 AM perry

Added docid override mechanism to DBQuery. Bypasses the queryspec.printSQL method and creates an optimized docid query in cases (like the spatial query) where you know the docids a priori

3045 09/13/2006 04:46 PM perry

Updated spatial query to also look at point spatial cache as some documents may only be represented as a single point.

3044 09/13/2006 04:10 PM perry

Rewrote spatial query handler to use geotools directly against the spatial cache.

3043 09/13/2006 12:24 PM perry

Allow only public readable docs in the spatial cache

3040 09/11/2006 02:22 PM perry

Added javadoc comments for all new spatial classes. Optimized the title query in SpatialDocument.

3039 09/11/2006 12:58 PM perry

Removed old spatial classes

3037 09/07/2006 07:10 PM perry

Fixed polygon generator for cases where bbox crosses the dateline or the poles

3035 08/31/2006 04:54 PM perry

refactory java classes for spatial harvester

3034 08/31/2006 04:37 PM perry

initial import of changes to metacat source and config files to support spatial option

3028 07/31/2006 02:50 PM perry

Fixed parameter order for call to createSpatialQuery and fixed bounding box intersection logic.

3024 07/19/2006 03:00 PM sgarg

added exception handler for normalize function. if StringIndexOutOfBoundsException is thrown then it is reported and nodedata value is forwarded without normalization.

3023 07/19/2006 08:56 AM sgarg

Cleaned up the code with proper debug statements..

3022 07/17/2006 11:23 AM sgarg

Replaced getIdentifyingName and ldapAuthenticate with new code. ldapAuthenticate will first try to form a secure connection. If the secure connection fails then based on the value specified
in, an insecure connection will be made. authenticate() function first tries to connect using the dn specified with the default ldap base and url. in case that fails,...

3016 06/30/2006 11:04 AM sgarg

Modified the sql commands such that eml-2.0.1 stylesheets are used for displaying eml-2.0.0 documents

3011 06/14/2006 08:44 AM Duane Costa

Add qformat parameter in call to executeAdvancedSearch() method.

Refactor code to get the relative paths of the resultset XSL and search results JSP from the MetacatHelper class rather than hard-coded.

3010 06/14/2006 08:42 AM Duane Costa

Change relative path to the login page.

3009 06/14/2006 08:41 AM Duane Costa

Add new methods getResultsetXSL and getResultsJSP.

3008 06/14/2006 08:35 AM Duane Costa

Add qformat parameter to runQuery() and executeAdvancedSearch() methods.

Omit unused StringTokenizer objects.

3007 06/14/2006 08:32 AM Duane Costa

Add qformat parameter to resultsetToHTML() method. Set the qformat paramater in the transformer if it is specified.

3006 06/14/2006 08:31 AM Duane Costa

Add serialVersionUID class variable to eliminate Eclipse warnings.

3004 06/09/2006 01:09 PM sgarg

Allow admin to update any document

3003 06/08/2006 11:09 AM sgarg

check for nullpointerexception

3002 06/07/2006 04:11 PM sgarg

Fix for a bug in MetacatServlet. Metacat assumed that it is supposed to get the schema information from the second line of the document. This is based
on the assumption that xml decleration will always be present. This is good practice but not required. Hence the fix -> Metacat should ignore the...

2997 05/08/2006 01:46 PM sgarg

Fix for bug# 2371

2996 05/08/2006 01:09 PM sgarg

Modified code so that database is queried just once when a document is read. Currently the read is being done in the constructor and then again in
the function.

2995 05/01/2006 11:20 AM Duane Costa

Two changes to Metacat Harvester implementation:

(1) Removed call to deprecated Thread.stop() method. Added boolean class variable, Harvester.keepRunning. When the thread is destroyed, set Harvester.keepRunning to false.

(2) Access the harvestList.xsd schema file by finding it locally in the web application rather than via a URL to

2994 04/25/2006 03:37 PM sgarg

added function to get list of projects for NCEAS from a given project list

2992 04/19/2006 09:17 AM berkley

fixed bugs in teh client that were preventing the lsid service from working right

2990 04/18/2006 02:08 PM berkley

modified the client so it will work consistently with the web service

2989 04/17/2006 02:59 PM berkley

updated the client so it throws a DocumentNotFoundException if you attempt to read a docuemnt that doesn't exist

2986 04/14/2006 04:39 PM Matt Jones

Missed a period.

2985 04/14/2006 04:37 PM Matt Jones

Patch to make the getLastDocid function actually work on the text node.

2984 04/14/2006 03:51 PM Matt Jones

Patch for making getlastdocid work when the identifier is a large number
greater than can be encompassed by an int. Now it uses a long to
represent the number, which doesn't solve the problem but probably does
make it work for the vast majority of cases.

2983 04/14/2006 02:34 PM Matt Jones

Added ref to the FGDC schema that I forgot to check in earlier.

2981 04/14/2006 02:08 PM Matt Jones

Added new function getLastDocid to the metacat client so that it is
accessible to clients that need it.

2972 04/03/2006 02:48 AM Matt Jones

dded TLS support to the ldapweb.cgi script, cleaned up some TempToolkit
template processing so that the results display CSS properly, and some minor
formatting issues. The TLS support should probably be enabled only if the
server supports it, which can be queried with supported_extensions, but for...

2970 03/24/2006 10:16 AM sgarg

Changes in the spatial query. The spatial query can be generated on the client side in form of an squery rather than specifically creating one on the server side.
Commented out the code which creates spatial query based on the coordinates sent to Metacat. Instead of that, a temporary method was added which creates the squery...

2969 03/24/2006 10:00 AM sgarg

Removing the comments from postgres upgrade script as ant upgrade fails because of these.

2949 03/08/2006 02:33 PM berkley

fixed a bug with postgres 8.1.6 where the sequence must be created before the table is created.

2948 03/03/2006 11:47 AM sgarg

iModified code -- the booleans werent really getting tested :(

2946 03/03/2006 11:36 AM sgarg

iModified the switch to turn/off the spatial searching.:wq

2945 03/02/2006 07:32 PM harris

Fixed a bug in the query system.

2940 03/01/2006 06:45 PM anderson

Now this page is in an expandable drawer.

2938 03/01/2006 01:20 PM harris

Some style changes and small changes to the spatial querying system.

2936 02/28/2006 02:21 PM harris

Updated style for the kruger soils layer.

2935 02/27/2006 04:39 PM harris

Fixed the way the text query was written.

2934 02/27/2006 04:38 PM harris

Adding maps for the world frame.

2933 02/27/2006 03:54 PM harris

This is the internal frame for the africa view.

2926 02/27/2006 08:49 AM harris

interim checkin.

2925 02/25/2006 08:11 PM harris

This is the mapbuilder app that will be used in the kroger demo.

2924 02/24/2006 11:35 PM Matt Jones

Initial support for displaying FGDC metadata documents in metacat.
Added new returndoctype and returnfields to all query forms in the knp
skin to allow FGDC documents to display in the resultsets. Need to add
these to the other skins as well, and to clean up the FGDC stylesheet to...

2922 02/24/2006 06:15 PM Matt Jones

Patched to fix regression bug that prevented insertion of documents
without a DOCTYPE or namespace declaration due to an
ArrayOutOfBoundsException. Now these documents can be inserted, which
is useful for inserting FGDC documents that frequently do not have a...

2920 02/24/2006 05:19 PM harris

modified the code to return the correct metacat resltset.

2919 02/24/2006 04:55 PM harris

Modified the way the results page is displayed.

2918 02/24/2006 02:11 PM sgarg

Fix in getNamespace function. Bug reported by Margaret in testing for cases where no namespace is specified.

2916 02/24/2006 01:16 PM Matt Jones

This is a utility class for generating a pathquery document from an array of docids that one wants to query for. Its hacked together in that the default query parameters are all hardcoded into the class, which is obviously wrong. Need to figure out where those default params should be derived from.

2915 02/23/2006 11:16 AM harris

Integration of new shapefile writers (r. reeves code) with MSO.

2913 02/22/2006 10:22 AM harris

Continued integration of the spataial stuff with the metacat servlet.

2912 02/20/2006 07:41 PM harris

Integration of the metacat servlet with the spatial option -- rubberbanding is implemented too.

2911 02/19/2006 09:15 PM harris

adding changes that pmark made, and some small changes that I made.

2910 02/19/2006 09:11 PM harris

Implementation of the rubber-bad query that PMARK has implemented through the UI.

2909 02/16/2006 01:41 PM harris

metacat spatial option code -- code that produces layers depending on the
metacat transaction.

2908 02/07/2006 01:38 PM harris

Adding a page that'll be returned when a user issues a metacat query.

2907 02/06/2006 12:21 PM harris

fixed the index jsp to do the redirection to the given skin's html (the all
seem to have html pages, yet not all have jsp's). Started implementing the
display of eml docs with bounding coordinates as boxes.

2904 01/25/2006 04:42 PM harris

Got rid of some debugging.

2902 01/20/2006 12:26 PM sgarg

bugfixes to teh previous commit... cleaner exit for the indexing thread

2901 01/20/2006 09:58 AM sgarg

Added a flag for indexing threads so that they exit once Metacat has unloaded.

2897 01/20/2006 08:34 AM sgarg

Added checks for null pointers and changed the name of the config file

2896 01/20/2006 08:21 AM sgarg

Using java.util.Property instead of Options. Options is a singleton class. Hence it cant be used for reading skin property files without changing it into a non-singleton class

2894 01/19/2006 02:37 PM sgarg

variable for showing instructions

2893 01/19/2006 02:35 PM sgarg

Making changes for passing the params to the xsl for skins.

2892 01/19/2006 12:06 PM Duane Costa

Remove CR characters from end of line. Formatting changes only, no functional changes.

2891 01/12/2006 11:50 AM harris

Modified the lsid code to lookup document type-appropriate stylesheets from
the lsid prooperties file.

2869 12/16/2005 02:34 PM sgarg

added code to give access to moderator group on the review document

2864 12/16/2005 12:06 PM sgarg

Added template for getting the review

2859 12/16/2005 08:52 AM sgarg

Made changes so that the user is prompted to login before entering a dataset

2858 12/15/2005 04:49 PM sgarg

Added functionality for storing comments and displaying them. Also added functionality for reading the eml document.

2857 12/15/2005 04:46 PM sgarg

hardcoded the organization as unaffiliated

2847 12/15/2005 10:01 AM sgarg

bugfixes in previous code and added functionality to store reviews on various documents...

2846 12/15/2005 09:59 AM sgarg

Added setaccess method

2845 12/14/2005 10:19 AM sgarg

code to handle null pointer exception

2836 12/12/2005 11:32 AM sgarg

Added query for indexing attribute - needed for indexing packageId

2824 12/09/2005 10:17 AM tyburczy

Unix port of transform.bat

2823 12/08/2005 04:38 PM brooke

Simple DOS batch file to transform an XML document (eg an eml doc) into HTML (or whatever) using an XSLT stylesheet

2822 12/08/2005 02:57 PM Duane Costa

Eliminate hard-coding of the knb context from the advanced search code. Advanced search servlet determines the metacat context name by reading the file at servlet initialization.

2821 12/08/2005 02:02 PM Matt Jones

Simple bash script to query metacat (using wget) and transform the XML
resultset into a text file using an XSLT stylesheet.

2820 12/07/2005 02:14 PM Matt Jones

This is a basic commandline client for resolving LSIDs. It is meant as
a quick and dirty testing utility. It requires the SOAP::Lite,
SOAP::MIME, and MIME::Entity CPAN modules. Run without arguments, it
uses a default LSID and endpoint to resolve. WIth the lsid and endpoint...

2819 12/07/2005 10:59 AM Matt Jones

Reformatted LSID code for consistency.

2818 12/06/2005 03:09 PM Matt Jones

Added apache commons logging to the LSID servlet using log4j. Remove println statements.

2810 12/02/2005 10:25 AM sgarg

bugfix so that getlastdocid works for postgres

2808 12/01/2005 02:08 PM sgarg

modified mod_revise so that Revision Requested is added to the document in additionalMetadata/moderatorComment which can be used by the skin in searching for documents which havnt been requested for revision