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metacat @ 2306

# Date Author Comment
2306 09/20/2004 03:10 PM Matt Jones

Updated the build index test.

2305 09/20/2004 02:30 PM Duane Costa

Compose the Metacat URL from the httpserver and the servletpath properties, replacing hard-coded references to servlet.

2304 09/20/2004 02:28 PM Duane Costa

Send redirect to HarvesterRegistration, instead of using the full class name which works on Tomcat-only installations but not with Apache.

2303 09/20/2004 09:49 AM Duane Costa

Change the date format to one that is standard on both Oracle and Postgres.

2302 09/17/2004 03:00 PM Duane Costa

Revisions to Metacat Installation Instructions page. Most of the edits in this revision involve the file. A new HTML table was created to describe the properties and their values.

2301 09/17/2004 08:48 AM Matt Jones

Whitespace changes that fix a few formatting problems after Jing's commit.

2300 09/17/2004 08:42 AM Duane Costa

Replace relative path to harvester registration login servlet with context path generated through ant build

2299 09/17/2004 08:39 AM Duane Costa

Add properties and filters for harvester registration servlets

2298 09/16/2004 05:04 PM Jing Tao

Add new feature that delete can be broadcasted by force replication.

2297 09/16/2004 04:40 PM Matt Jones

The new buildIndex() function now can write allof the appropriate index paths to the database for any given document. Next need to create a function to rebuild on demand, and modify to use the new buildIndex() function.

2296 09/16/2004 04:16 PM sgarg

corrected wrong variable names in build file.

2295 09/16/2004 04:05 PM sgarg

Added harvester servlets to the web.xml files.

2294 09/16/2004 01:32 PM Matt Jones

Added test class for buildIndex() routine. Not completed yet.

2293 09/16/2004 12:08 PM Matt Jones

Added changes to buildIndex() function. Now it is finding the right set of
paths, just have to save these in a hash and then add them to the DB xml_index

2292 09/16/2004 11:15 AM sgarg

changed function parameters in accordance with changes in PermissionController

2291 09/16/2004 11:13 AM sgarg

Modified inline data permission handling, so that access rules for old version of inline data can be checked correctly.

2290 09/16/2004 11:09 AM sgarg

Added a function which returns inline data id with out the revision number.

2289 09/16/2004 11:04 AM sgarg

Changed error text that is returned when an invalid eml is inserted.

2288 09/16/2004 11:01 AM sgarg

Added another test to check if access is checked when an old version of inline data is read using action=readinlinedata

2287 09/16/2004 09:15 AM Matt Jones

Changed the ESA nad LTSS skins to display all data from the KNB at the request of
OJ Reichman.

2286 09/15/2004 08:25 PM Jing Tao

Add a code to load eml201 parser to fix the bug that couldn't generate access rule for eml201 doc.

2285 09/15/2004 08:24 PM Jing Tao

Add a note that you should put full name as state name to generate a key. Otherwise, the trustkey will be not recongized.

2284 09/15/2004 04:25 PM sgarg

Fixed some more bugs.

2283 09/15/2004 04:09 PM Matt Jones

Added sql for counting packages.

2282 09/15/2004 02:47 PM sgarg

fixed error in input param

2281 09/15/2004 02:17 PM sgarg

Added code to send showWgList, showSiteList, showOrganization, lsite and usite for one tmpl to other.

2280 09/15/2004 02:00 PM sgarg

Fixed a bug in creation of EML documents when coordinates from the site_list have to be used.

2279 09/15/2004 01:02 PM Matt Jones

Added lines for updating xml_catalog in the upgrade script to point to the
new schema locations.

2278 09/15/2004 11:02 AM sgarg

Fixed error in handling of multiple additional metadata tags...

2277 09/15/2004 08:57 AM Matt Jones

Updated build.xml to use new sql scripts.

2276 09/15/2004 08:56 AM Matt Jones

New schema changes, including upgrade scripts. Includes renamed postgres

2275 09/14/2004 03:57 PM sgarg

Test added to insert eml 2.0.0 document and update it with eml 2.0.1 document.

2274 09/14/2004 03:39 PM Matt Jones

Updates to the config for the esa skin, and added an LTSS skin.

2273 09/14/2004 03:24 PM sgarg

removed errors being generated in handling of qformat when action=insert. If qformat is not specified, xml is assumed as default.

2272 09/14/2004 03:20 PM sgarg

Changing 'Submit Entry' to 'Submit Dataset'

2271 09/14/2004 03:14 PM sgarg

Fixed a bug in handling of associated parties.

2270 09/14/2004 02:56 PM sgarg

Fixed the bug described in 1671. The bug came into picture, when no keyword type is suggested for a particular keyword. This resulted in ignoring of that row of data.

2269 09/10/2004 04:42 PM Matt Jones

Beginning new method for building the xml_index table. This uses the
JDBC resultset directly rather than DBSaxNode, and recurses through the
records of the table. The new function 'buildIndex()' would be called, but
currently is not linked in to any code, so it shouldn't get in the way....

2268 09/09/2004 03:51 PM sgarg

removed a bug which was pointed out by Bing and fixed by Jing.

2267 09/09/2004 03:48 PM sgarg

Removed some unused code

2266 09/08/2004 12:12 PM Matt Jones

Revisions to text for the ESA / LTSS registry.

2265 09/02/2004 02:43 PM sgarg

Added a new method to check upload function when a data stream is passed.

2264 09/02/2004 02:38 PM sgarg

Added new upload function which takes InputStream as input.

2263 09/01/2004 05:49 PM sgarg

Adding which has tests regarding inline data access. Also updated

2262 09/01/2004 02:43 PM sgarg

fixed some bugs in document update

2261 08/31/2004 05:52 PM sgarg

Added method to metacat client for reading inline data - readInlineData()

2260 08/31/2004 03:47 PM sgarg

Made changes in AccessControl and Online Data Access tests.

2259 08/31/2004 03:45 PM sgarg

Fixed a bug in upload function. For online data updates, access was not checked.

2258 08/28/2004 03:25 AM Matt Jones

Modifications to the registry to support the new ESA skin. Factored out some of
the configuration-specific code into properties that are set in the various
cfg files in the skins. New properties in the cfg files are lsite, usite,
showSiteList, showWgList, showOrganization. These now need to be set in every skin...

2257 08/27/2004 08:51 AM Matt Jones

Changed properties to use the xml_index table by default.

2256 08/26/2004 05:30 PM sgarg

Adding new file with tests regarding access controls related to online data... the tests which are failing are commented out for the time being .. once the bugs are fixed in metacat, they will removed.

2255 08/26/2004 02:56 PM Duane Costa

Add additional comments to the test cases.

2254 08/26/2004 01:45 PM Duane Costa

Remove obsolete comment.
Fix broken URL in

2253 08/24/2004 03:35 PM sgarg

Fixed handling of various docid formats.

2252 08/24/2004 12:34 PM sgarg

Code added to handle errors resulting from following urls: - no action specified - no docid specified - no username specified...

2251 08/24/2004 11:14 AM sgarg

Added check for null condition so that proper error text is returned to user.

2250 08/23/2004 02:21 PM Matt Jones

Checked to be sure the instance has been initialized in the getDBCOnnection
static method call. Assuming it has been initialized could (and does)
lead to NullPointerExceptions when used outside of the metacat servlet
if the conneciton pool isn't initialized properly.

2249 08/20/2004 01:32 PM Matt Jones

Reformatted code for readability. It was crazy. Still has problems, but its
better. Will be working on some new methods on monday.

2248 08/20/2004 09:21 AM sgarg

Fixed a bug in access handling when no access is specified.

2247 08/20/2004 09:20 AM sgarg

Some changes and a bug fix

2246 08/19/2004 06:20 PM sgarg

Added eml-2.0.1 tags for eml processing.

Also fixed a bug. The error returned in case of no revision number specified was just null. Now it says that revision number is required.

2245 08/19/2004 06:09 PM sgarg

Merging in changes made in branch 'dataaccess' by Jing Tao.

2244 08/19/2004 06:04 PM sgarg

Changed to include new tests

2243 08/19/2004 06:02 PM sgarg

Changed to handle the exception that is thrown by now.

2242 08/19/2004 11:50 AM sgarg

Added code to test the upload functionality in the client

2241 08/19/2004 11:43 AM sgarg

Adding data files for testing as online data

2240 08/19/2004 11:34 AM sgarg

Added upload functionality to metacat client for upload online data

2239 08/18/2004 01:12 PM sgarg

Adding a new test file for testing the Access Controls in Metacat. Not complete or compilable yet.

2238 08/10/2004 03:19 PM Duane Costa

Add warning if default harvest list file is not found on disk.

2237 08/04/2004 12:42 PM Duane Costa

Change relative path to harvestList.xsd schema to allow harvest list editor to run standalone.

2236 07/29/2004 02:53 PM brooke

added target=_blank to generate UI links

2235 07/28/2004 04:33 PM brooke

pointed knb2 resutls page at production whippet on port 8080 of nebulous, instead of dev version on 8090

2234 07/26/2004 05:49 PM sgarg

Changed path for eml xsd stylesheet

2233 07/26/2004 05:45 PM sgarg

Changed path for eml.xsd stylesheet.

2232 07/26/2004 04:22 PM sgarg

Updated tag names to be checked out of CVS for EML

2231 07/26/2004 03:19 PM Matt Jones

Added README explaining directory.

2230 07/26/2004 03:18 PM Matt Jones

A series of queries and commands being developed to improve metacat
performance. Very incomplete. WARNING: running some of these commmands
WILL DELETE DATA. Do not run these commands in a production environment.

2229 07/23/2004 10:39 AM sgarg

Modified directory name for eml-2.0.x checkouts to match with that in build.xml

2228 07/23/2004 10:38 AM sgarg

Changes directory names and paths of eml checkouts. Added eml-2.0.1 to the eml versions to be checked out.

2227 07/22/2004 03:55 PM sgarg

Added eml2.0.1 specific code in /style file

2226 07/22/2004 03:36 PM sgarg

Added eml2.0.1 in /common stylesheets

2225 07/22/2004 03:32 PM sgarg

Removed some debugging code added in last commit

2224 07/22/2004 03:29 PM sgarg

Added code to read EML2.0.1 into source code.

2223 07/22/2004 02:31 PM sgarg

Made change in the registry so that new documents produced are of eml-2.0.1 standard.
Also made changes in create-registry folder

2222 07/22/2004 02:24 PM sgarg

Added code to make enteries for eml 2.0.1 into the database

2221 07/22/2004 09:10 AM Duane Costa

Improvements to Harvester registration web form.

2220 07/21/2004 05:58 PM sgarg

Changed index.jsp to fix bug 1232 so that it works on

2219 07/19/2004 03:33 PM sgarg

Added code to add and remove cookie from the index.jsp when a person logs in or logs out.

2218 07/19/2004 10:35 AM sgarg

Replaced EML2.0.0 checkout tag from EML_2_0_0_FOR_METACAT to EML_2_0_0_FOR_METACAT_WITH_BUGFIX

2214 07/13/2004 02:28 PM Matt Jones

Modifications to make JS search functions work in the knb2 skin.

2213 07/13/2004 01:05 PM Matt Jones

CHnaged CVSROOT to use $USER so it needn't be modified as much.

2212 07/13/2004 12:54 PM Matt Jones

New URL for metacat in settings file.

2211 07/13/2004 12:48 PM Matt Jones

New alternative KNB skin. Duplicates much of what is on the KNB site, but
this skin can work standalone with metacat (ie, you do not need the KNB
web site to be installed). Modified the resultset.xsl to do some things
specific to this skin.

2210 07/12/2004 04:12 PM Matt Jones

Added images to install-skin target.

2203 07/08/2004 10:45 AM Duane Costa

Add diagnostic output

2188 06/23/2004 04:50 PM Jing Tao

Get rid of some useless code.

2187 06/14/2004 03:26 PM Duane Costa

Improve handling of default values.
Call fileNew() if no default Harvest List file is specified.
Improve documentation for default properties.

2186 06/14/2004 08:59 AM Duane Costa

Scripts for running the Harvest List Editor

2185 06/14/2004 08:56 AM Duane Costa

Add documentation for the Harvest List Editor.
Display the Harvester Registration web form as a HTML table instead of as text.

2184 06/10/2004 03:19 PM Matt Jones

Fixed schema loading scripts to use the new ant token for the EML2 namespace.