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metacat @ 729

# Date Author Comment
729 04/12/2001 11:13 AM berkley

uncompleted script file to create DB on SQL server

728 03/22/2001 03:49 PM bojilova

fixes on getting information from LDAP services

727 03/14/2001 12:46 PM berkley

added check to see if a replication server's IP matched it's DNS entry and the entry in the replication table

726 03/09/2001 04:41 PM bojilova

fixes around getUsers and getGroups.
"getprincipals" action can now produce output like:

<username>uid=admin,o=NCEAS, c=US<username>

725 03/05/2001 04:25 PM bojilova

Included back getting the list of users and groups stored in auth scheme
through new action="getprincipals". No extra parameters are needed.
Any logged in users are able to get this information

724 03/05/2001 09:57 AM berkley

removed download.xsl entry

723 03/02/2001 04:23 PM bojilova

included missing implementation of getUsers(), getGroups() interfaces

722 02/28/2001 10:19 AM bojilova

no message

721 02/28/2001 10:15 AM bojilova

no message

720 02/28/2001 03:33 AM Matt Jones

Added results of running the query analysis.

719 02/28/2001 03:32 AM Matt Jones

Analysis code cleanup.

718 02/28/2001 03:30 AM Matt Jones

modified analysis to add query_method (index or nested) as a
factor in the GLM.

717 02/28/2001 03:29 AM Matt Jones

Added data and statistical analysis code used for evaluation of the
query performance metrics for Metacat.

716 02/27/2001 10:22 PM berkley

results from metacat testing

715 02/27/2001 07:46 PM bojilova

test results for 11thousands, 87thousands and 162 thousands nodes

714 02/27/2001 05:19 PM berkley

play dtd pathquery files

713 02/27/2001 05:05 PM berkley

script and data files for performance testing

712 02/27/2001 05:00 PM berkley

removed old script and xml files

711 02/26/2001 04:45 PM Matt Jones

Modifications to allow printing of SQL with and without INDEX option.

710 02/26/2001 04:42 PM berkley

added print info and timing info

709 02/26/2001 11:12 AM bojilova

print the nested statements sql query

708 02/26/2001 09:23 AM berkley

script to execute all queries

707 02/26/2001 09:21 AM berkley

test queries for performance analysis

706 02/23/2001 02:14 PM bojilova

included flag in DBQuery to run pathqueries with or without the index,
but for the command line only.

705 02/23/2001 10:31 AM berkley

added timing info to main

704 02/23/2001 08:45 AM berkley

added removal of relations

703 02/22/2001 04:00 PM berkley

added new stylesheet for download

702 02/22/2001 03:57 PM berkley

stylesheet for download files

701 02/22/2001 03:40 PM berkley

interface for viewing only download documents

700 02/22/2001 03:39 PM berkley

interface for viewing only download documents

699 02/21/2001 02:29 PM bojilova

implemented interface for download of DTD or Schema file from Metacat file system
through the params:

698 02/07/2001 02:08 PM bojilova

- new attribute catalog_id added in xml_documents and xml_revisions
as a FK to xml_catalog

697 02/07/2001 02:07 PM bojilova

- fixed missing replication of public_access
- new attribute catalog_id added in xml_documents and xml_revisions
as a FK to xml_catalog; catalog_id is replicated also

696 02/07/2001 11:32 AM Matt Jones

Added contact mailing address for bug reports and feedback.

695 02/06/2001 01:51 PM bojilova

Included check up for <!DOCTYPE ... PUBLIC/SYSTEM ... >
in order to set the validation parser at runtime
In case of:
- no DOCTYPE declaration
- <!DOCTYPE docname>
validation is turned "off"
In case of:
- <!DOCTYPE ... PUBLIC ...>
- <!DOCTYPE ... SYSTEM ...>...

694 02/05/2001 04:17 PM bojilova

reject writing DTD file if it already exists

693 02/05/2001 02:21 PM berkley

removed descrpency between the gzipped release version of build.xml and the one in cvs

692 02/01/2001 10:56 AM bojilova

there were more mentions of DOCTITLE attr - cleared them

691 01/31/2001 10:50 AM bojilova

cleared DOCTITLE attribute in xml_documents and xml_revisions
cleared all mentions of doctitle

690 01/31/2001 10:49 AM bojilova

cleared DOCTITLE attribute in xml_documents and xml_revisions

689 01/31/2001 10:28 AM bojilova

cleared the UNIQUE constraint in xml_access - moved in AccessControlList
added FOREIGN keys for xml_relation.docid and xml_access.accessfileid referencing xml_dociments.docid

688 01/31/2001 10:05 AM bojilova

added new "getaccesscontrol" action for a given docid

686 01/26/2001 09:37 AM berkley

fixed white space problem in toXML that was preventing in line end tags from being popped from the stack.

685 01/22/2001 10:27 AM Matt Jones

Module cleanup inpreparation for a release.

684 01/19/2001 04:12 PM bojilova

Solving the problem with relication of access file where access files were rejected from the replication servers.
In AccessControlList check for serverCode is included,
so only on the local server the connected user is checked for having "all" permissions on the resources specified in it...

683 01/19/2001 03:20 PM berkley

fixed some problems with database connections getting a time out error. Also updated some catch statements

682 01/19/2001 11:31 AM bojilova

fixed typo

681 01/19/2001 11:10 AM bojilova

included checkbox "public" for the servlet's "public" parameter
it is checked by default

680 01/19/2001 11:05 AM bojilova

included new servlet parameter "public" specifing public read access for the submitted document
the expected values are "yes" or "no"
public parameter is optional and if it is not specified, means "no"

679 01/19/2001 10:51 AM berkley

fixed bug that was accidentally introduced when the change from metacatURL to URL was done.

678 01/18/2001 03:38 PM berkley

added location info to catch statements

677 01/18/2001 03:22 PM berkley

fixed comments

676 01/18/2001 03:20 PM berkley

added comments and removed xml_acc_numbers

675 01/18/2001 03:15 PM berkley

added precise location information (class.method) to each catch statement so that errors are more easily traced.

674 01/18/2001 01:46 PM berkley

removed print statements

673 01/18/2001 12:46 PM bojilova

fixed typo

672 01/18/2001 12:38 PM bojilova

included implementation for public "read" access as specified from the access file

671 01/18/2001 12:27 PM berkley

fixed introduced problem with preparedStatements

670 01/18/2001 11:55 AM Matt Jones

Updated build files with minor documentation changes.

669 01/18/2001 11:52 AM Matt Jones

Added license terms to source code files, and cleaned up some javadoc
documentation in a few places.

668 01/18/2001 11:29 AM Matt Jones

Added License terms to source files, added more documentation to protocol
handler classes.

667 01/18/2001 11:25 AM berkley

closed all preparedStatement variables

666 01/18/2001 11:02 AM Matt Jones

Modified the license and copyright terms for many of the files. Added
a LICENSE file and a README file in preparation of a distribution.

665 01/17/2001 02:45 PM bojilova

implementation for multiple <resourceIndentifier> tags under <resource>

664 01/17/2001 11:45 AM berkley

updated the syntax of some form parameters, put in build strings

663 01/17/2001 11:44 AM berkley

put in build strings instead of hard coded paths to servers

662 01/17/2001 08:59 AM berkley

removed dependence on MetacatURL for URL handling. Added more flexible support for identifiers in the subject and object fields. They can now be just a docid, an http url or a metacat url.

661 01/16/2001 01:49 PM berkley

fixed bug in data file permission checking. (commited wrong file last time)

660 01/12/2001 09:55 AM bojilova

- turned on the validation in order only valid xml docs comformed to the specified dtd (if any) to be submitted in metacat
- with validation "on" white spaces are reported from ignorableWhitespace() callback, not from characters() (as with validation "off")...

659 01/12/2001 09:02 AM berkley

changed doctype of package files

658 01/11/2001 01:53 PM berkley

added more documentation

657 01/11/2001 01:44 PM berkley

changed getCookie to static

656 01/11/2001 01:37 PM berkley

added support for the new abstract class) to handle data file uploading through metnewninterface (actuall

655 01/11/2001 01:36 PM berkley

newninterface (actually an abstract class) to handle data file uploading through met

654 01/10/2001 01:34 PM berkley

fixed error in logic. sending the filesize as an int terminated by a zero failed when the file size was greater than 256. The filesize is now sent as a string followed by a zero.

653 01/10/2001 01:05 PM berkley

added support for the server to return the docid of the newly added data file. Also, now the data stream must be prefixed with the following information: filename <0> sessionid <0> filesize <0>. where the <0> symbol is a byte containing zero. The filesize is sent as an int and the filename and sessionid are sent as strings (in byte form).

652 01/09/2001 05:37 PM bojilova

unified getting "docid" value from metacat URLs specified in <resourceIdentifier> tags
by using MetaCatUtil.parseQuery() method in the same way as in MetaCatServlet.

651 01/09/2001 02:02 PM berkley

fixed error handling and time out issues. Also fixed thread syncronization problem

650 01/09/2001 01:03 PM berkley

multiple files with the same names no longer overwrite each other.

649 01/09/2001 11:09 AM berkley

fixed minor error

648 01/09/2001 11:03 AM berkley

added support for data file upload via a random, authenticated socket.
The action added to metacatServlet is getdataport. A client can send a getdataport request. the server returns a random port number and starts a thread to handle the request on the given random port. The thread will only accept requests from the client that has the session id equal to that of the user that made the getdataport request. the user must be authenticated and logged in to make a getdataport request. Once the port number is received by the client the connection can be made. The first two parameters in the data stream must be the filename, followed by session id. (note that it only wants the session id not the whole cookie and the "JSESSION=" must be stripped from the text.) If the session number is correct, the upload is allowed, the file is written and xml_documents is updated with the new data file information.

647 01/09/2001 10:57 AM berkley

added support for data file upload via a random, authenticated socket.

646 01/08/2001 05:24 PM bojilova

included "accessfileid" attr in the unique constraint

645 01/08/2001 05:11 PM bojilova

- appling acl through access files only
- clearing around update/delete of access files - to delete the related records from both xml_access and xml_relation tables
- included check for user permissions for setting acl on the resources in the access file
- moved RelationHandler.deleteRelations(docid) down in RelationHandler obj just before the write of the new relations

644 01/08/2001 05:00 PM bojilova

new attr "accessfileid" in xml_access table

643 01/05/2001 08:34 AM berkley

added data port param

642 01/05/2001 08:33 AM berkley

added the data port param

641 01/05/2001 08:22 AM berkley

fixed url error in data download function

640 01/04/2001 06:13 PM bojilova

Use the new property "accessdoctype" to check if this is access file.
If it is, run AccessControlList for wirting into xml_access and xml_relation tables.
This is the thread that writes XML Index but afterwards.

639 01/04/2001 06:03 PM bojilova

added property "accessdoctype=-//NCEAS//eml-access//EN"

638 01/04/2001 05:12 PM bojilova

included support for submition of access files
+ storing the acl info in xml_access table and relationship records in xml_relation table like
<aclfile, "isaclfilefor", recourceIdentifier> for every resource included in the access file

637 01/04/2001 04:05 PM berkley

added support to download a data file through metacat using a metacat url or a docid parameter: added a datafilepath parameter to show the servlet where data files are stored on the local file system.

636 01/04/2001 04:04 PM berkley

added support to download a data file through metacat using a metacat url or a docid parameter.

635 01/03/2001 01:34 PM Matt Jones

Re-inserted changes from version 1.38 of build.xml that were accidentally
overwritten when version 1.39 was checked in. Now, building the protocol
handler jar file works again.

634 01/03/2001 09:41 AM berkley

updating a package file now updates the relations that are created from it. Also, if you delete a package file, it will delete the relations associated with it.

633 01/03/2001 09:22 AM berkley

added docid field to xml_relation to track which package document creates the relation.

632 12/22/2000 08:49 AM berkley

fixed package location

631 12/21/2000 02:57 PM berkley

changed replication interface to make it easier to see the servers.

630 12/21/2000 02:19 PM berkley

changed replication interface to make it easier to see the servers.

629 12/21/2000 09:03 AM berkley

added support for one way replication