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8264 09/23/2013 01:20 PM ben leinfelder

use UTF-8 if request encoding not given.

8263 09/23/2013 11:48 AM Lauren Walker

Added the documentation for the new MetacatUI theming mechanism. Make some styling changes to the documentation and configuration pages and added Bootstrap and FontAwesome.

8262 09/20/2013 04:36 PM Jing Tao

Remove an extra print content type statement.

8261 09/20/2013 03:26 PM Jing Tao

Add a print statment for "content type". Otherwise, the html can't show up.

8260 09/20/2013 02:58 PM Jing Tao

Use https to replace http. Otherwise, the recapatcha code can't show up in a https link.

8259 09/20/2013 02:42 PM ben leinfelder

do not email a specific account reset URL so that the emails can be used in multiple UI contexts.

8258 09/20/2013 01:17 PM Jing Tao

Comment out some extral "contet type".

8257 09/20/2013 12:48 PM ben leinfelder

add "btn" class as stop-gap for metacatUI styled email links.

8256 09/20/2013 12:47 PM ben leinfelder

comment out the "forgot password?" link so that we can use the reset page in different UI locations.

8255 09/20/2013 12:30 PM ben leinfelder

remove unused JS that was only throwing an error when loaded via ajax

8254 09/20/2013 12:20 PM ben leinfelder

ensure all emailed links make sense for the UI that initiated them. also format referrals using the same options as the primary accounts (recursive call needed the html parameter).

8253 09/20/2013 11:46 AM ben leinfelder

include optional email.overrideURL property for the account management page to send an email link that will result in a styled response.

8252 09/20/2013 11:06 AM ben leinfelder

remove the NCEAS-specific admin db connection properties from the metadata config so they do not show up in the metacatui configuration.

8251 09/20/2013 08:32 AM ben leinfelder

include link to show the captcha - ensures we have all the divs loaded when the script runs to generate the code.

8250 09/20/2013 07:48 AM ben leinfelder

use AJAX method of including the captcha.

8249 09/19/2013 05:04 PM Jing Tao

Fixed a typo.

8248 09/19/2013 05:03 PM Jing Tao

Remove an extra space in the email message.

8247 09/19/2013 01:52 PM ben leinfelder

use correct id for the lookupAccount link - used in metacatui view.

8246 09/19/2013 12:16 PM Lauren Walker

More screenshots for the docs

8245 09/19/2013 11:59 AM Lauren Walker

FontAwesome and Bootstrap are imported locally rather than via CDN. Updated the docs screenshots to the new style.

8244 09/19/2013 11:30 AM ben leinfelder

correct table formatting for sphinx

8243 09/18/2013 04:09 PM Lauren Walker

Adding a protocol to the <link href=""> for the external CSS

8242 09/18/2013 03:50 PM ben leinfelder

pull a specific tag/branch form git when needed for metacatui.war

8241 09/18/2013 03:48 PM ben leinfelder

add anchor for plugin handlers property

8240 09/18/2013 03:37 PM Lauren Walker

Pull the external stylesheets in by <link> rather than @import for faster page load

8239 09/18/2013 03:15 PM ben leinfelder

Edit some of the instructions for activating an account.

8238 09/18/2013 03:08 PM ben leinfelder

Edit some of the instructions for registering an account.

8237 09/18/2013 03:07 PM ben leinfelder

add lookupname link to the login form.

8236 09/18/2013 02:56 PM ben leinfelder

clone metacatui into a non-build directory so that it doesn't have to be recloned for every build.

8235 09/18/2013 02:01 PM Jing Tao

Remove the words relative to knb.

8234 09/18/2013 01:23 PM Jing Tao

Remove the knb information in the emails.

8233 09/18/2013 01:21 PM Jing Tao

Add a link for forgot password in the loginForm.
Remove the words with specific knb.

8232 09/18/2013 11:22 AM Lauren Walker

Simplified the importing of images and stylesheets so that both /admin and /docs pull from /docs

8231 09/18/2013 10:28 AM Lauren Walker

Made some CSS changes to the "Go" button in the docs because it was off by a few pixels in three different browsers. Also changed the admin config landing page links to look like buttons

8230 09/18/2013 09:58 AM ben leinfelder

add documentation entries for fields that appear on the main metacat admin page.

8229 09/17/2013 05:02 PM Jing Tao

Add code to handle the looking up names.

8228 09/17/2013 04:53 PM Jing Tao

Add two peroperties for the templates of looking up user name.

8227 09/17/2013 04:50 PM Jing Tao

Add a template to handle the success of looking up the username.

8226 09/17/2013 04:49 PM Jing Tao

Add a tempalte for users to look up the forgotten username.

8225 09/17/2013 04:33 PM Lauren Walker

Imported FontAwesome after Bootstrap for the FontAwesome icons. Also added a white version of the metacat logo.

8224 09/17/2013 04:33 PM ben leinfelder

redirect to the configured metacatui context (ui.context in file). this in conjunction with choosing "metacatui" as the default skin in the metacat admin interface will redirect requests to the metacat context (e.g., /knb) to the ui context (e.g., /metacatui).

8223 09/17/2013 04:32 PM ben leinfelder

prep for 2.2.0 release. include configuration value for metacatui deployment context.

8222 09/17/2013 04:17 PM Lauren Walker

Matched the admin config pages to the default metacatUI theme. Changed the background image of the docs and config pages to a big cat for some metacat branding.

8221 09/17/2013 03:22 PM Jing Tao

Add a method to lookup users'account for the people who forgot their user name.

8220 09/17/2013 10:36 AM Jing Tao

Add code to generate dc=tmp. Clean up some code.

8219 09/17/2013 10:20 AM ben leinfelder

bring the "Go" button down one more pixel to align with the search field.

8218 09/17/2013 09:58 AM Lauren Walker

Added a dark gray version of the metacat logo for the new configuration page styles

8217 09/16/2013 09:58 PM Jing Tao

Remove a reistriction that it didn't show the similar accounts of "ou=Account" in the user registration.

8216 09/16/2013 09:45 PM Jing Tao

Use the specific template for the verification.

8215 09/16/2013 09:44 PM Jing Tao

Add information about the activation email.

8214 09/16/2013 05:43 PM Jing Tao

Add the new properties to access the verification templates.

8213 09/16/2013 05:41 PM Jing Tao

Add a new template to handle the success of the email verification.

8212 09/16/2013 05:40 PM Jing Tao

Add a new template to handle the failure during the email verification.

8211 09/16/2013 05:00 PM Jing Tao

Fixed a bug that email verificaton doesn't work well on "ou=Account".

8210 09/16/2013 04:33 PM ben leinfelder

require authenticated session when minting a DOI/other identifier.

8209 09/16/2013 04:19 PM ben leinfelder

test that d1 node admin is allowed all permissions.

8208 09/16/2013 03:47 PM ben leinfelder

include the dataone.subject (node admin) in the list of administrators. This allows full administrative access to objects when using certificates+d1 api.

8207 09/16/2013 03:16 PM Jing Tao

Fixed a bug to split the organization list from a property file.
Fixed a bug to use a wrong object class for the ou.

8206 09/16/2013 02:31 PM Jing Tao

Pass a organization list to the template.

8205 09/16/2013 02:29 PM Jing Tao

replace the hard-coded organization list.

8204 09/16/2013 02:22 PM ben leinfelder

test for configured target url template on metadata using the default #view url.

8203 09/16/2013 01:41 PM Lauren Walker

Redesigned the /admin configuration pages to better match our new MetacatUI design. Looks good in both /context/admin view and the #external view using metacatUI

8202 09/16/2013 12:00 PM ben leinfelder

use optional template for registering DOIs at a given target.

8201 09/16/2013 10:32 AM Jing Tao

Add code to get organization information from the ldapconfig.

8200 09/13/2013 03:53 PM ben leinfelder

only attempt to generate OREs for objects that we know not to have them already.

8199 09/13/2013 03:46 PM Jing Tao

Add a new property to control showing the organization list.

8198 09/13/2013 03:45 PM Jing Tao

Add a new property ldap.template.organizationList to control the list of the organization in the ldap templates.
It can be overwitten by the skin property with the same name.
Also add the Account organization.

8197 09/13/2013 03:01 PM Jing Tao

First get the email sender from the skin properties. If it is null, get it from the file.

8196 09/13/2013 02:11 PM Lauren Walker

A few style changes to the docs

8195 09/13/2013 01:30 PM Jing Tao

Remove the sentence which saied the failure reason is the uid has been used.

8194 09/13/2013 01:25 PM Jing Tao

Reword a message for the failed verification.

8193 09/13/2013 11:12 AM ben leinfelder

Generate an ORE when sci metadata is added via the Metacat API.

8192 09/13/2013 10:02 AM Lauren Walker

Added an ID and div wrapper to the docs html for more precise CSS selectors in the metacatui ExternalView.

8191 09/12/2013 05:12 PM Jing Tao

Add code to handle the failure of the email server.

8190 09/12/2013 04:50 PM ben leinfelder

better checking for ORE maps when publishing DOIs (need to update the packages that contain sci meta).

8189 09/12/2013 01:45 PM ben leinfelder

implement ORE check method to actually query the MN for OREs that reference the given pid.

8188 09/12/2013 11:19 AM Lauren Walker

Added a Sphinx theme for the documentation that mirrors the new default theme for MetacatUI.

8187 09/12/2013 10:45 AM ben leinfelder

remove any index event errors if the pid has successfully been reindexed.

8186 09/11/2013 09:57 PM Jing Tao

Add code to check if password match in the registeration.

8185 09/11/2013 09:36 PM Jing Tao

Add the new feature for the email verification.

8184 09/11/2013 10:59 AM ben leinfelder

change hazelcast group name to match the current context.

8183 09/11/2013 10:49 AM ben leinfelder

try to cut down on the number of metacat-ui build calls - the SEEK build ends up calling war target more oftenthan not!

8182 09/11/2013 09:28 AM Jing Tao

Fixed a bug that the url link was not correct in the email.

8181 09/10/2013 11:03 PM Jing Tao

Send the verification email.

8180 09/10/2013 05:58 PM Jing Tao

Add code to add a user to the tmp subtree.

8179 09/10/2013 03:40 PM ben leinfelder

add logout links to header and footer.

8178 09/10/2013 03:17 PM ben leinfelder

check both previous and current data revisions when updating packages.

8177 09/10/2013 12:18 PM Jing Tao

Fixed a bug in creating a subtree.

8176 09/10/2013 07:52 AM Jing Tao

Add code to generate temporary subtree if it didn't exist.

8175 09/09/2013 05:55 PM Jing Tao

add a new subroutine to create a temporary account.

8174 09/09/2013 03:05 PM ben leinfelder

include metacatui.war in the Metacat distribution.

8173 09/06/2013 02:22 PM ben leinfelder

avoid SQL errors when processing very old objects of type: "-//"

8172 09/06/2013 12:34 PM ben leinfelder

mark skin configuration as being complete by default so as to encourage use of metacatUI.

8171 09/06/2013 12:15 PM ben leinfelder

add note about new metacatUI themes to the skin config page.

8170 09/06/2013 12:01 PM Jing Tao

Display the recaptcha on the register stage.

8169 09/06/2013 07:53 AM Jing Tao

Read the recaptcha key from the

8168 09/06/2013 07:36 AM Jing Tao

Add two new properties to store the recaptcha public key and private key.

8167 09/05/2013 04:59 PM Jing Tao

Add the recaptcha protection.

8166 09/05/2013 04:58 PM Jing Tao

Add the recaptcha protection.

8165 08/27/2013 11:19 AM Jing Tao

set the timed index interval to be 12 hours.