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938 02/22/2002 02:39 PM Jing Tao

In QBQuery class some classes - Triple and TripleCollection, which come from morpho package wereused. So morpho.jar was added to metacat libray. The reseaon to use these class is xml document need to be parsed and get docids' relationship.

937 02/20/2002 03:16 PM Jing Tao

Adding the style sheet of html file in zip data package for morpho to metacat.
So the html summary file can have the same style in morpho and metacat zip package.

936 02/20/2002 03:10 PM Jing Tao

Adding a new doctype and its publicid="-//NCEAS//eml-generic//EN".
It connects http://server@style-path@/generic-morpho.xsl.
So the html files in zip data package have the same style sheet for both morpho and metacat.

935 02/13/2002 05:48 PM Jing Tao

Some code format problem was fixed.

934 02/13/2002 03:17 PM Jing Tao

The bug was fixed.
After a referral exception happend, we should set enviroment properties again before creating a contex. These environment properties include PROVIDER_URL, SECURITY_PRINCIPLE, SECURITY_CREDENTIALS, REFERRAL, and INITIAL_CONTEXT_FACOTRY. Otherwise, you couldn't get a naming exception.

933 02/13/2002 12:28 PM Matt Jones

Removed an obsolete filter fromthe build.xml file.

932 02/13/2002 12:22 PM Matt Jones

Updated installation instructions to reflect the new procedures involved
with the changes to build.xml.

931 02/13/2002 11:41 AM Matt Jones

Modified the build.xml file to make it easier to set up the configuration.
There is now a "config" target in which all of the properties that are usually
modified are located. Also, now one sets the location of tomcat and the
webapps dir, and chooses a name for the tomcat context, and everything else...

930 02/12/2002 09:14 PM Jing Tao

Authentication bug was fixed (bug 408).
However, it needs to test if referral cotaining a referral.

929 02/12/2002 11:43 AM Jing Tao

xerces.jar was update to 1.4.4

928 02/11/2002 05:56 PM Jing Tao

Please check it.

927 02/11/2002 08:10 AM Jing Tao

In order to fix bug 408 (authentication), some important variables' values
were followed.

926 02/05/2002 09:10 AM berkley

took my password out of the build file

925 02/05/2002 09:09 AM berkley

integrated the postgres and oracle properties into one build file. now, if you want to switch between oracle and postgres, you just change the 'depends' attribute in the 'init' target. also, I fixed the path to the servlet.jar file to match up with where tomcat now stores it (lib/common/servlet.jar instead of lib/servlet.jar).

924 02/04/2002 06:03 PM Matt Jones

Modified the build file to point at the proper eml directory so that the
"getdtd" target can find the right files to be checked out.

923 02/04/2002 11:31 AM Matt Jones

Committed changes to the build file so that it properly copies the Xalan
jar files instead of the oracle xml parser which has been eliminated.

922 02/03/2002 10:02 PM Matt Jones

Added qformat parameter for switching css stylesheets.

921 02/02/2002 08:38 PM Matt Jones

Fixed bug in login.xsl that was preventing a successful xslt transform. Now
successful logins redirect correctly, unsuccessful ones redirect to the
login page again.

920 02/02/2002 01:14 AM Matt Jones

Set the qformat parameter so the stylesheets can use it for conditional

919 02/02/2002 12:56 AM Matt Jones

Added new stylesheets for displaying the eml-attribute and eml-entity modules.

918 02/01/2002 06:07 PM Matt Jones

Changed the link urls in the eml-dataset display stylesheet to use the
default style-set as set in the build file rather than hard-coding the
value 'html'. This allows more flexibility in switching styles, for example
when setting up the marine, nrs, and obfs sites.

917 02/01/2002 03:28 PM berkley

fixed error with dist target so that it now copies the source correctly

916 01/29/2002 10:29 AM berkley

updated all of the returndoctypes so that emlbeta4 and emlbeta6 will show up in the resultset.

915 01/29/2002 10:15 AM berkley

fixed error I introduced when I got postgres working

914 01/28/2002 10:25 AM berkley

changed dtd dir

913 01/28/2002 10:02 AM berkley

changed the datadir again

912 01/28/2002 09:56 AM berkley

changed datadir variable from install-dir to installdir

911 01/23/2002 11:06 AM berkley

removed old properties

910 01/23/2002 11:02 AM berkley

fixed minor error

909 01/23/2002 07:56 AM berkley

made postgres db name independent from my name

908 01/22/2002 11:32 AM berkley

we no longer need this jar file. all of its functionality was replaced by xalan.

907 01/22/2002 11:31 AM berkley

jar files for xalan

906 01/22/2002 11:30 AM berkley

updated metacat so that the xmlparserv2.jar file is no longer needed. replaced all of teh oracle xml processing with xalan and xerces.

905 01/18/2002 02:43 PM berkley

fixed typo in web.xml file

904 01/18/2002 01:40 PM berkley

updated the web.xml file. took out download servlet and marineservlet.

903 01/18/2002 01:23 PM berkley

jar files needed for metacat.

902 01/18/2002 10:31 AM berkley
  • empty log message ***
901 01/18/2002 10:28 AM berkley

created dummy versions of the oracle and postgres build files

900 01/18/2002 10:26 AM berkley

readded the oracle stuff to te build file

899 01/18/2002 10:24 AM berkley

made a ton of changes related to keeping oracle SQL code out of the main classes. fixed a bug where the timing of the index thread was off so when it went to index a document, the document was not already in xml_documents thus breaking the FK relation between xml_documents and xml_index. I think that bug might be the reason for the blank resultset screens in morpho. made the postgres implementation much more robust.

898 01/17/2002 12:17 PM berkley

updated postgres sql script so that it creates the same table structure as the oracle script. removed a bunch of \t tabs that were messing things up

897 01/16/2002 03:24 PM berkley

removed because this is no longer used. it was causing a compile error when using postgres because it directly imports the oracle driver.

895 01/15/2002 01:15 PM berkley

updated for new release

894 01/15/2002 08:46 AM berkley

fixed bug with ampersands in the returned relations in the resultset.

893 01/14/2002 03:04 PM berkley

added a manual timeout to counteract the hideously long ldap time out that is encountered when a referred ldap server is down.

892 01/07/2002 10:26 AM berkley

fixed a couple bugs with doctypes that I found while setting up a demo

890 01/04/2002 08:35 AM berkley

new README for 1.0.2

889 01/04/2002 08:26 AM berkley

new build file with updated release number

888 01/03/2002 02:02 PM berkley

updated the referral mechanism so that metacat doesn't crash when a referral server is not available

887 12/20/2001 12:13 PM berkley

made it so we can now use multiple accessfilestypes and packagdfiletypes in the file. Also fixed a bug introduced when the 'http://' was removed from behind the server name in the loaddtd.sql script and the knb.xml file

885 12/18/2001 01:24 PM Matt Jones

Updated properties to reflect the new EML version.

884 12/18/2001 01:23 PM Matt Jones

Added new dtd to style-set config file.

883 12/18/2001 01:05 PM Matt Jones

More changes to build process. No longer need the instdtd target
because it is handled by the install target. Updated installation
instructions accordingly.

882 12/18/2001 12:27 PM Matt Jones

Updated documentation to reflect new installprocess.

Modified build.xml to properly copy the docs into the distribution, which
required some changes in the ant token filtering scheme.

881 12/18/2001 11:50 AM berkley

updated documentation. removed a lot of typos and updated all of the new stuff for the new release

880 12/18/2001 11:15 AM Matt Jones

Updated the installation doc to reflect the new install procedure.

879 12/18/2001 10:15 AM Matt Jones

Updated build.xml to improve dtd handling so that DTDs can be included in
the distribution.

878 12/18/2001 10:11 AM berkley

moving metacat docs to xmltodb

877 12/17/2001 09:52 PM Matt Jones

Improvements to the build process that make it easier to install the DTDs
form EML. There are now three new targets in the build.xml file:

getdtd: uses cvs to get a working copy of a tagged release of eml
instdtd: copies the DTDs from the build directory to the install directory...
876 12/17/2001 08:53 PM Matt Jones

Removed all of the redundant/obsolete copies of eml dtds from the
metacat module. Now one must get the dtds from the mdstandards/eml
module instead. This is doen to ensure that the DTDs installed are up to

Note that I am adding build support into the build.xml file for automatically...

875 12/17/2001 06:57 PM Matt Jones

Updated the SQL for loading DTD references to use the correct file
names and paths and identifiers.

874 12/13/2001 02:13 PM berkley

updated for new eml release

873 11/26/2001 02:36 PM Matt Jones

Fixed the getUsers() and getPrincipals() methods so that they no longer
fail when large result sets are requested. The problem was that the
LDAP server was returning a "size limit exceeded" message when the resultset
from the query exceeded the default limit of 500 entries. Now we...

872 11/21/2001 06:10 PM Matt Jones

Re-enabled referrals which I had turned off for debugging purposes.

871 11/21/2001 06:09 PM Matt Jones

Modified AuthLdap to fix the may problems associated with group and user
queries. Now the getGroups() and getUsers() methods work as advertised,
and there is a test of each of the methods in "main" for testing purposes.
Simplified the class substantially. Fixed the getAttributes method as...

870 11/20/2001 08:10 AM berkley

fixed error where person with 'all' permission could not update the access file.

869 11/20/2001 08:10 AM berkley

fixed error where person with 'all' permission could not update the access file.

868 11/14/2001 01:33 PM berkley

fixed referral catching mechanism in authLdap.ldapAuthenticate() so that it will refer through a bunch of linked servers instead of just one....I still haven't figured out why the getGroups method wont work.

867 11/01/2001 02:29 PM berkley

fixed the error where the ldap authenticate took 15 seconds to execute

866 10/31/2001 11:06 AM berkley

I think i have fixed the ldap referral bug. the test lter account that david made for me works, however I would like matt or someone more knowedgeable with ldap to please check my code. the changes I made are around line 200 of AuthLdap. I put a comment in the source where the code needs to be checked.

865 10/25/2001 05:18 PM Matt Jones

Fix for bug #309 so that Metacat will now follow LDAP referrals. Previously
the default was to ignore referrals. Now we explictly set the JNDI
Context.REFERRAL value to the value in the metacat.propert "referral".
The file has been modified to add the "referral" property,...

864 10/25/2001 10:55 AM berkley

updated web.xml file for the download servlet

862 10/24/2001 10:53 AM berkley

added new permission 'changepermission' and made 'all' inclusive for all permissions

861 10/22/2001 07:33 PM Matt Jones

README and build changes in preparation for the 1.0.0 release of Metacat.
The files contributing to this release are being tagged in CVS as

860 10/22/2001 05:19 PM Matt Jones

Updated the knb.xml configuration to use the new public IDs associated with
eml beta 4.

859 10/22/2001 04:06 PM berkley

fixed access control bug. the character data in the sax parser was not getting trimmed and causing problems. also fixed hard coded eml-dataset public id in the web index file

858 10/22/2001 04:01 PM Matt Jones

Added new beta5 version of eml-software dtd, and added to catalog.

857 10/22/2001 02:46 PM berkley

added new docid to returndoc for web form

856 10/22/2001 11:00 AM berkley

changed package and access file doctype

855 10/22/2001 10:53 AM berkley

took out hard coded paths for style dirs

854 10/22/2001 10:32 AM berkley

removed the stylesheet sql script since we don't need it anymore

853 10/22/2001 09:46 AM Matt Jones

Added new DTD files for the new release of EML. Changed the naming
convention for all new DTDs, so the public IDs are now consistently

852 10/21/2001 05:51 PM Matt Jones

Updated metacat login semantics. Now, metacat assumes the username passed
in is the 'full' distinguished name of the user. If that fails, then
instead it tries looking up the string and seeing if it can determine
what the DN is, then uses it. The preferred method of logging in via...

851 10/21/2001 04:07 PM Matt Jones

New version of the IE5 stylesheet that is XSLT 1.0 compliant.

850 10/19/2001 07:47 PM Matt Jones

CHanged style-set handling for case when a stylesheet for a specific
doctype has not been registered. Now we are using a simple "ascii tree"
view of the XML document. I'm hoping we can get a nicer generic display
set up over the long run, but for now this handles the basics.

849 10/19/2001 04:48 PM Matt Jones

Removed all DTDs from the metacat module in anticipation of getting
them from the standard "mdstandards/eml" module. This will mean
that an update to the build script is necessary in order to copy and rename
the dtds from the eml module.

848 10/19/2001 04:44 PM Matt Jones

Updated build.xml and README for a Beta 3 release. This is a temporary
release until the full Release 1.0 is produced next week.

847 10/19/2001 02:50 PM Matt Jones

Fixed the function to return the max id for a given scope. Now the function
takes a parameter named 'scope' and returns the largest docid that has been
used under that scope in this metacat instance (it used to return the most
recently created docid, which is clearly different). For compatibility with...

846 10/19/2001 10:34 AM berkley

fixed bug where the whole filename of a data file was not appended to the file input stream so metacat just returned a null document

845 10/18/2001 04:57 PM Matt Jones

Fixed problem with metacat handleReadAction where the OutputStream from the
response object was closed and an attempt to reopen a PrintWriter was made
on the same response, which is illegal. Now the OutputStream is converted
to a PrintWriter in order to write the XML error message back to the client....

844 10/18/2001 11:13 AM berkley

default css stylesheet so that metacat will look right

843 10/18/2001 10:40 AM berkley

removed errant comment that was causing an error in the xml_documents table

842 10/02/2001 11:51 AM bojilova

fixed to get groupnames for a user using any identifying name

841 10/01/2001 09:18 AM bojilova

added insert statement for eml-attribute-2.0.dtd entry in xml_catalog

840 09/24/2001 10:55 AM bojilova

for action=servercontrol&subaction=add
added function for downloading of the certificate file
from the specified URL of the source server
and uploading it onto this server

839 09/24/2001 10:52 AM bojilova

added input box in replMain web page for downloading of the certificate file
from the specified URL of the source server
added new metacat property "certPath" for uploading the certificate file onto destination server

838 09/20/2001 01:36 PM bojilova

server property is used in replication thus
it should include the SSL port number

837 09/20/2001 01:14 PM bojilova

changes in replication to use https

836 09/17/2001 12:51 PM bojilova

fix around one way replication:
when server A sends document to the servers in its list of replication servers with replicate=1 in xml_replication table,
the server B received the document does NOT need the opposite check on its end.

835 09/17/2001 10:57 AM bojilova

fixed error:
writing on the replication server required the whole acc# (including the rev#)