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# Date Author Comment
3776 03/21/2008 03:17 PM ben leinfelder

-add FGDC specifc fields for indexPath searching
-limit FGDC data returned for the NCEAS skin to those that have "placekey" fields containing "National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis"

3742 02/27/2008 09:43 AM ben leinfelder

add support for FGDC doctype display

3734 02/25/2008 01:10 PM ben leinfelder

-use jsp rather than html files so hat the server context can be looked up on the fly (as well as additional options from the MetacatUtil class).
-incorporate the use of relative paths in the XML configuration (doctype=>stylesheet mapping)

Note: still using ant tokens in the .cfg file used for perl...not sure how to convert that.

3690 01/22/2008 11:40 AM ben leinfelder

correct a typo for "repository"
bug #3082

3666 12/20/2007 02:59 PM bowdish

Removed "Last Modified July 10, 2007" section because it is static and people may think that it means the data package was last modified then.

3618 11/27/2007 04:13 PM bowdish

addmitional metadata style change

3617 11/27/2007 02:49 PM walbridge

NCEAS skin fix for dataset map; cleanup in index.html

3616 11/27/2007 01:16 PM bowdish

text alignment change

3600 11/20/2007 03:26 PM bowdish

made changes so that the nceas skin would be centered and work with IE

3599 11/20/2007 03:25 PM bowdish

made changes so that the nceas page would be centered

3596 11/20/2007 01:22 PM walbridge

Updated the NCEAS skin for various fixes: Rewrote the login XSLT to work correctly. Added a login status button to the page headers. Modified the header image to disable the global site search used on the NCEAS homepage. Removed former IFRAME cruft.

3587 11/06/2007 05:00 PM bowdish

adjustments for result set page

3583 11/06/2007 02:36 PM walbridge

Fixed background color in NCEAS skin. Addition of new <td> in result set seperator may require tweaks on a per-skin basis.

3579 11/06/2007 01:12 PM walbridge

Fixed form.

3577 11/06/2007 09:39 AM walbridge

Further changes to the NCEAS skin to match the NCEAS L+F

3554 11/01/2007 03:53 PM bowdish

changed nceas.xsl to correct path for images

3474 09/26/2007 04:23 PM walbridge

Minor fixes to improve the registry CSS to match the new NCEAS skin. Still reliant on iframes, so the overall L+F is broken.

3470 09/25/2007 03:57 PM walbridge

Moved images to images/ subfolder

3469 09/25/2007 03:53 PM walbridge

NCEAS skin changes: moved images into subfolder for organization, moved search javascript into sea
rch.js to cut down on replication. Modifications to nceas.css and midnight.css to clean up integration of Drupal theme.

3444 09/13/2007 02:06 PM Matt Jones

Updated the NCEAS skin to reflect the new structure of the NCEAS web site. There is now a new nceas.xsl file that handles the XSLT transforms for both metacat resultsets and for EML documents. This file imports xsl templates from the style/common dir in order to render the results table and EML document within an HTML document that follows the style of the NCEAS website. This required refactoring the original resultset.xsl and eml.xsl files in style/common so that the use of iframes can be easily eliminated. ...

3422 09/11/2007 03:53 PM walbridge

Added submission of data files to the registry. New parameter 'hasUpload' can be set on a per-skin basis to enable the uploading of data objects to be associated with a metadata document. NCEAS skin is using this by default, to be changed in the future for other skins....

3391 08/30/2007 05:09 PM Jing Tao

Change the SID to production db.

3388 08/29/2007 05:53 PM Jing Tao

Change the token from server to httpserver in case https is not set (server has the https port). And also change the nceas_db name).

3106 12/06/2006 03:14 PM perry

Changes to map layout and skins according to input from Callie and Matt

3097 11/20/2006 05:02 PM perry

Initial import of interactive map components for the following skins: esa, knb2, knp, obfs, nceas, nrs

3029 08/15/2006 12:33 PM sgarg

changed the set of stylesheets which will be used for displaying eml-2.0.0 documents

2886 12/19/2005 02:25 PM tyburczy

changed width of iframeheaderclass to 98 percent to prevent pages in FF from always being 10 pixels larger than the window

2853 12/15/2005 10:47 AM sgarg

Added packageId to the faster search

2814 12/02/2005 02:10 PM bowdish

changed paragrah style to "intro" for text not in the boxes

2813 12/02/2005 02:04 PM bowdish

unbolded text in boxes and took out the background color for most of the box.

2812 12/02/2005 10:48 AM bowdish

cleaned up formatting - need to test spacing around the table "boxes" , and the boxes alignment

2809 12/01/2005 03:35 PM bowdish

few adjustments added discription of the Morpho software that Margret Conners suggested. trying to fix spacing and alignment problem with "boxes"

2806 12/01/2005 10:56 AM bowdish

Updated NCEAS Data Repoitory changes - replaced text "auspices" with "as part of" got ride of the text about the data set being reviewed and implemented suggestion from Margret Conners.

2755 11/17/2005 12:30 PM sgarg

Replaced with mailhost

2708 11/01/2005 10:57 AM sgarg

Bugfix in the searches done from the skin webpages...

2704 11/01/2005 09:14 AM sgarg

Change in nceas homepage so that search uses a radio button instead of check box

2695 10/26/2005 02:20 PM sgarg

Bugfix in the query sent to metacat

2694 10/26/2005 10:17 AM sgarg

Bugfix in the metacat query generated in javascript

2633 10/03/2005 01:39 PM sgarg

Fixed javascript bugs

2632 10/03/2005 10:12 AM sgarg

fixed the qformat.

2546 08/12/2005 04:09 PM sgarg

Changes to the NCEAS index and header html code so that restricted search on name, title, abstract, keywords etc is done. action=squery is used for this instead of action=query.

2539 08/04/2005 02:58 PM sgarg

Added px to the css files.

Modified the index.html file to have a link for search.

2454 04/05/2005 01:40 PM sgarg

Changed "NCEAS Data Registry" to "NCEAS Data Repository" for sender. Veronique

(Commit done by Saurabh Garg for Veronique)
2433 03/29/2005 12:09 PM sgarg

Modified text, style and formating for the skins.

(Commit done by Saurabh Garg for Veronique)

2410 03/16/2005 02:49 PM sgarg

Changes made by Veronique and Saurabh in the css for the skins.

2408 03/16/2005 02:43 PM sgarg

Modified the text in the index files.

(Commit done by Saurabh Garg for Veronique)
2407 03/16/2005 02:42 PM sgarg

Modified the text in the header files.

(Commit done by Saurabh Garg for Veronique)

2350 12/22/2004 11:36 AM sgarg

I (Andrea) defined new styles in the .css files that are used in the
entryForm.tmpl page.

(Committed for Andrea Chadden by Saurabh Garg)

2258 08/28/2004 03:25 AM Matt Jones

Modifications to the registry to support the new ESA skin. Factored out some of
the configuration-specific code into properties that are set in the various
cfg files in the skins. New properties in the cfg files are lsite, usite,
showSiteList, showWgList, showOrganization. These now need to be set in every skin...

2233 07/26/2004 05:45 PM sgarg

Changed path for eml.xsd stylesheet.

2227 07/22/2004 03:55 PM sgarg

Added eml2.0.1 specific code in /style file

2142 04/28/2004 12:10 PM sgarg

Fixed bug # 1298

2055 03/19/2004 01:52 PM Matt Jones

Set new URL for the NCEAS registry home. I forgot to commit this earlier.

2035 02/27/2004 11:56 AM sgarg

Fixed a small bug.

2034 02/27/2004 09:21 AM sgarg

Fix enter for bug 1306.

2001 01/09/2004 01:08 AM Matt Jones

Adjusted the text on the NCEAS repository page. Changed the project list
so that it now displays short title but uses the long title in the
entry. This was doen because the long titles were far too long to display
decently in the list (the box scrolled way off the right of the page).

1982 12/23/2003 11:27 AM Matt Jones

Modifications to add "Methods" collection to the data registry, and to
make the forms HTML 4.0.1 valid (in an attempt to figure out some of
the rendering and layout oddities I'm seeing).

1980 12/19/2003 04:49 PM Matt Jones

New formatting and text for the NCEAS data registry.

1978 12/19/2003 11:50 AM Matt Jones

Configuration file for NCEAS registry.

1976 12/18/2003 05:03 PM Matt Jones

Adding style files for the new NCEAS skin for metacat, which includes
files needed for the NCEAS data repository.