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Revision 3099

Updated MetaCatServlet so that it supports a web-based interface for configuring its own properties the first time it is run (determined by the property "configured" being set to false). Which properties are exposed in the web interface is determined by the list of properties in the '' file. This file is managed by the new OptionsMetadata class in the utilities module, and provides information that allows metacat to build a human-readable configuration page for the properties. Still need to finish filling out the information in for the rest of the properties that we want to be editable. This autoconfiguration process is the first step towards building a turnkey installer for metacat.

Note: you need to remove the lib/utilities.jar file from your metacat workspace, update the utilities module, and then rebuild metacat clean in order to pickup the changes introduced here.

View differences:

1026 1026
             tofile="${build.war}/web.xml" />
1027 1027
       <copy file="lib/" todir="${war.webinf}"
1028 1028
             filtering="yes" />
   	   <copy file="lib/" todir="${war.webinf}"
   	             filtering="no" />
1029 1031
       <copy todir="${war.webinf}" filtering="yes">
1030 1032
	   	  <fileset dir="lib">
1031 1033
           <include name="skin.configs/**"/>
1045 1047
         <fileset dir="lib">
1046 1048
           <exclude name="*.jar"/>
1047 1049
           <exclude name="*.properties"/>
         	<exclude name="*.metadata"/>
1048 1051
           <exclude name="web.xml"/>
1049 1052
           <exclude name="**/*.jpg"/>
1050 1053
           <exclude name="**/*.png"/>

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