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  nceas 160 about 21 years bojilova gen acc # in new connection changing to static ...

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160 06/15/2000 11:51 AM bojilova

gen acc # in new connection
changing to static methods
include action parameter

159 06/14/2000 06:55 PM Matt Jones

continued work on structured query -- now it reads the queryspec xml docuemnt and can digest its contents

158 06/14/2000 05:27 PM Matt Jones

continued work on developing structured query functionality using the QuerySpecification class -- incomplete still

157 06/14/2000 05:26 PM Matt Jones

minor changes to TextNode

155 06/14/2000 01:54 PM Matt Jones

added incomplete classes for structured query

154 06/13/2000 09:43 PM Matt Jones

added result-set filter to DBSimpleQuery to only return specified document type

152 06/13/2000 02:23 PM bojilova

changed getDocID() only to:
return docid;

151 06/13/2000 02:22 PM bojilova

put checkURLConnection(systemId) before
its register in db or using from the parser

150 06/12/2000 06:39 PM Matt Jones

rewrote DBSimpleQuery and associated classes to no longer use Oracle's hierarchichal query syntax -- now this should work with any JDBC compliant backend DB

149 06/12/2000 12:52 PM bojilova

assign rootnodeid, docid for every node in xml_nodes table by given document

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