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  nceas 178 over 20 years Matt Jones fixed QuerySpecification to produce SQL that do...

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178 06/20/2000 03:31 PM Matt Jones

fixed QuerySpecification to produce SQL that does UNION or INTERSECT set operations for query group combinations

177 06/19/2000 06:42 PM Matt Jones

finsihed basic functionality for structured queries based on the DBQuery and QuerySpecification classes

176 06/19/2000 05:44 PM Matt Jones

added code to build an index of the paths through the DOM tree to each node in the tree as the node is being inserted

174 06/19/2000 02:15 PM bojilova

for safe nodeid generation

172 06/16/2000 04:24 PM Matt Jones

completed work on creating structured query prototype in DBQuery and QuerySpecification classes

171 06/16/2000 03:39 PM bojilova

added missed conn.close()

170 06/16/2000 01:31 PM Matt Jones

continued work on structured query. Now QuerySpecification generates SQL for a given xml input, and DBQuery uses that SQL to send the query to the db

169 06/16/2000 09:42 AM Matt Jones

fixed string broken over two lines

168 06/15/2000 08:20 PM Matt Jones

documentation cleanup

167 06/15/2000 07:56 PM Matt Jones

minor modifications to fix problems introduced with AccessionNumber module

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