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metacat / lib @ 1983

Name Size Revision Age Author Comment
  harvester 1962 over 17 years blankman This is the harvesterDocument.xsd. It will be u...
  srbrmi 526 over 20 years bojilova SRB v1.1.8
  style 1983 over 17 years Matt Jones Added geographic description to the fields of d...
  xalan 1662 about 18 years berkley updated xerces and xalan
apache-license.txt 2.63 KB 1306 almost 19 years Matt Jones Added required license files.
catalog.txt 1.64 KB 352 almost 21 years berkley added eml-resource to the catalog
configxml.jar 15.1 KB 1479 over 18 years Jing Tao Change type from text to binary in cvs repository.
cos.jar 53.4 KB 798 about 20 years Matt Jones Modified Metacat to support large data file upl...
eml.jar 23.3 KB 1736 about 18 years Jing Tao Checkin new eml.jar which chad fixed a bug.
index.html 581 Bytes 1932 over 17 years brooke added JS to maintain ?name=value url params thr...
index.jsp 1.8 KB 1929 over 17 years brooke This is the merge from the branch WEB_UI_REDESI...
itislib.jar 8.05 KB 1573 over 18 years Jing Tao Add a itislib.jar file for metacat(morpho code ...
jdbc7.1-1.2.jar 90.8 KB 903 over 19 years berkley jar files needed for metacat. 3.2 KB 1956 over 17 years Matt Jones Enabled stylesheet parameters to be passed thro...
morpho.jar 974 KB 1572 over 18 years Jing Tao Make morpho.jar is binary file tag in cvs.
server-deploy.wsdd 420 Bytes 1812 almost 18 years Jing Tao File to deploy metacat web service. 160 Bytes 527 over 20 years bojilova changes for using SRB v1.1.8 at LTER, NM
web.xml.tomcat3 4.08 KB 1952 over 17 years Matt Jones New build system that creates a war file and de...
web.xml.tomcat4 1.57 KB 1952 over 17 years Matt Jones New build system that creates a war file and de...
xercesImpl.jar 875 KB 1662 about 18 years berkley updated xerces and xalan

Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
1983 12/23/2003 12:15 PM Matt Jones

Added geographic description to the fields of data collected, as it is
a required field and was being improperly defaulted to an empty string in the
XML document. This is a new field for all registries.

1982 12/23/2003 11:27 AM Matt Jones

Modifications to add "Methods" collection to the data registry, and to
make the forms HTML 4.0.1 valid (in an attempt to figure out some of
the rendering and layout oddities I'm seeing).

1981 12/23/2003 10:13 AM Matt Jones

Changed "Document ID" to "ID" which is mroe appropriate for data packages.

1980 12/19/2003 04:49 PM Matt Jones

New formatting and text for the NCEAS data registry.

1979 12/19/2003 04:12 PM Matt Jones

Further changes to the registry scripts to support the NCEAS registry
with access to the project list fromthe admindb. Also, fixed a bug with
the script where creators were getting duplicated in the editing process

1978 12/19/2003 11:50 AM Matt Jones

Configuration file for NCEAS registry.

1976 12/18/2003 05:03 PM Matt Jones

Adding style files for the new NCEAS skin for metacat, which includes
files needed for the NCEAS data repository.

1975 12/18/2003 01:45 AM Matt Jones

Updated registry further for NCEAS-specific needs. Confirm data template
now handles new wg field. Still need to write WG metadata into EML document.

1974 12/17/2003 05:37 PM Matt Jones

Additional work on the NCEAS/AdminDB integration. Working Groups now
presented as a dropdown box for multiple selection. Need to write the
info to the XML file now and handle it in confirmation template.

1973 12/17/2003 02:58 PM Matt Jones

Preliminary changes to support the NCEAS data registry connection to the
AdminDB to retrieve project lists.

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