Revision 2038

Added by Matt Jones over 17 years ago

Minor changes to allow the registry to work in the knb skin, mainly in
how to treat the 'site' field. Now it is a free-text organization
field in the KNB skin. Need to test, install this on ecoinfo and link it
into the KNB web pages.

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636 636
      If you don't remember your password, you can
637 637
      have it reset and emailed to you <a target="ldap"
638 638
      href="@cgi-prefix@/ldapweb.cgi?stage=resetpass&cfg=[% cfg %]">here.
      </a> If you want to change your password, click here <a target="ldap"
      </a> If you want to change your password, click <a target="ldap"
640 640
      href="@cgi-prefix@/ldapweb.cgi?stage=changepass&cfg=[% cfg %]">here.
641 641
642 642
      <table cellspacing="0" border="0" cellpadding="9" width="360" bgcolor="#C6d6e7" align="left">

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