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metacat / lib / style @ 2227

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  common 2226 almost 17 years sgarg Added eml2.0.1 in /common stylesheets
  skins 2227 almost 17 years sgarg Added eml2.0.1 specific code in /style file

Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
2227 07/22/2004 03:55 PM sgarg

Added eml2.0.1 specific code in /style file

2226 07/22/2004 03:36 PM sgarg

Added eml2.0.1 in /common stylesheets

2220 07/21/2004 05:58 PM sgarg

Changed index.jsp to fix bug 1232 so that it works on

2219 07/19/2004 03:33 PM sgarg

Added code to add and remove cookie from the index.jsp when a person logs in or logs out.

2214 07/13/2004 02:28 PM Matt Jones

Modifications to make JS search functions work in the knb2 skin.

2212 07/13/2004 12:54 PM Matt Jones

New URL for metacat in settings file.

2211 07/13/2004 12:48 PM Matt Jones

New alternative KNB skin. Duplicates much of what is on the KNB site, but
this skin can work standalone with metacat (ie, you do not need the KNB
web site to be installed). Modified the resultset.xsl to do some things
specific to this skin.

2166 05/12/2004 09:36 AM Duane Costa

Improve Harvester registration login

2154 05/03/2004 08:17 AM Duane Costa

Move from dev skin to knb skin

2153 04/30/2004 08:36 PM sgarg

Fixed a bug in an earlier commit

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