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metacat / lib / style @ 2287

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  common 2284 over 16 years sgarg Fixed some more bugs.
  skins 2287 over 16 years Matt Jones Changed the ESA nad LTSS skins to display all d...

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# Date Author Comment
2287 09/16/2004 09:15 AM Matt Jones

Changed the ESA nad LTSS skins to display all data from the KNB at the request of
OJ Reichman.

2284 09/15/2004 04:25 PM sgarg

Fixed some more bugs.

2282 09/15/2004 02:47 PM sgarg

fixed error in input param

2281 09/15/2004 02:17 PM sgarg

Added code to send showWgList, showSiteList, showOrganization, lsite and usite for one tmpl to other.

2274 09/14/2004 03:39 PM Matt Jones

Updates to the config for the esa skin, and added an LTSS skin.

2272 09/14/2004 03:20 PM sgarg

Changing 'Submit Entry' to 'Submit Dataset'

2271 09/14/2004 03:14 PM sgarg

Fixed a bug in handling of associated parties.

2270 09/14/2004 02:56 PM sgarg

Fixed the bug described in 1671. The bug came into picture, when no keyword type is suggested for a particular keyword. This resulted in ignoring of that row of data.

2266 09/08/2004 12:12 PM Matt Jones

Revisions to text for the ESA / LTSS registry.

2258 08/28/2004 03:25 AM Matt Jones

Modifications to the registry to support the new ESA skin. Factored out some of
the configuration-specific code into properties that are set in the various
cfg files in the skins. New properties in the cfg files are lsite, usite,
showSiteList, showWgList, showOrganization. These now need to be set in every skin...

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