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  docs 2388 over 16 years Duane Costa Updated the diagram with terminology that is co...
  lib 2424 over 16 years sgarg Added code such that an offset can be specified...
  src 2426 about 16 years Duane Costa Fixed bug in command-line mode which caused arr...
  test 2400 over 16 years Duane Costa Change documentType to eml://
LICENSE 17.7 KB 666 over 20 years Matt Jones Modified the license and copyright terms for ma...
README 7.46 KB 2321 over 16 years Matt Jones Fixed some typos in the README, and rearranged ... 1.89 KB 2308 over 16 years Matt Jones Added a property listing servlet administrators. 1.03 KB 670 over 20 years Matt Jones Updated build files with minor documentation ch...
build.xml 49.6 KB 2401 over 16 years Duane Costa Modify harvestListEditorDist target to create t...

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2426 03/22/2005 09:53 AM Duane Costa

Fixed bug in command-line mode which caused array index out of bounds exception.

Changed default maxHarvests value to 0. Added logic to ignore maxHarvests value when it is set to 0 or a negative number. This allows Harvester to run indefinitely without shutting down after reaching a maximum number of harvests. The previous default value of 30 would cause Harvester to terminate after 30 harvests.

2425 03/18/2005 11:19 AM sgarg

Added code to check if the document is indexed yet! So entry into xml_queryresult is only made if the doc is in xml_index.

2424 03/18/2005 08:51 AM sgarg

Added code such that an offset can be specified in for entering records into xml_queryresult table. The value of xml_returnfield.usage_count should be more than the value specified in for records to be entered into xml_queryresult. so if you want results for any combination of returnfields should be stored in xml_queryresult only after that combination has been requested 50 times, set this value to 50

2423 03/17/2005 06:52 PM Jing Tao

Modify the update for xml_relation.

2422 03/17/2005 05:58 PM sgarg

Made changes in the sql scripts to create new tables xml_returnfield and xml_queryresult

2421 03/17/2005 05:26 PM sgarg

Changes for entering new records into xml_queryresult:

1. Added a function which checks if there is a record exsists in xml_returnfield table for a given combination of return fields. If a record is found, the id for the record is returned. otherwise a new record is created in the xml_returnfield table and the id of the new record is returned....

2420 03/17/2005 04:48 PM sgarg

Added code for updating xml_queryresult for action=delete and action=update

For both actions, the entries in xml_queryresult are deleted.
This works for action=update because deletion of entry is simple and the entries will be created again when the docid is part of a search result next time.

2419 03/17/2005 04:42 PM sgarg

Added a function which gives back a string which is generated by sorting the returnfields requested for given query specifications

2418 03/17/2005 04:39 PM sgarg

Fixed a bug in last commit

2417 03/17/2005 04:37 PM sgarg

Added new parameters to control the size of resultset for browsers and application like morpho. Also a parameter to specify the length of xml_queryresult.queryresult_string

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