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  nceas 2464 over 16 years sgarg Modified code for computing the returnfield str...

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2464 04/06/2005 06:25 PM sgarg

Modified code for computing the returnfield string - earlier only elements were used to construct the string. e.g. /dataset/title
Now attributes are also added to the returnfield. e.g. title/@id

2462 04/06/2005 02:21 PM sgarg

Replaced 1.4.0 with release

2459 04/06/2005 02:23 AM Chris Jones

When a path expression includes element content and attribute content, then
the SQL generated needs to search for attribute nodetypes with parent
nodenames equal to the path expression element content. However, when
only searching for attribute content (such as just @packageId), then...

2458 04/06/2005 02:13 AM Chris Jones

When searching for attributes in the XPATH expression, an 'index out of bounds'
exception was thrown when only an attribute was included in the path string.

This fix changes the pathexpr.indexOf comparison to 0 rather than 1, since
the index starts at 0....

2450 04/04/2005 04:50 PM sgarg

Removing call to normalize from getNodeRecordList()

2449 04/04/2005 04:45 PM sgarg

Changing the normalize function. Adding changes submitted by Johnoel. Removing code for converting " as " can be stored as it on Oracle. Removing code which strips out \n and \r

2447 04/04/2005 04:17 PM sgarg

Removed occurence of enum which is a keyword in Java 1.5

2446 04/04/2005 04:15 PM sgarg

Removed occurence of enum which is a keyword in Java 1.5

Changed the queries so that PreparedStatement.setString() and .setInt() are used instead of write the string directly into the sql statements

2437 03/31/2005 06:00 PM sgarg

Fixed a bug from previous commit which removed whitespaces from documents.

2436 03/31/2005 05:29 PM sgarg

Removed irrelevant code from previous commit

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