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  ucsb 2663 almost 16 years sgarg Replacing MetaCatUtil.debugMessage or MetaCatUt...

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2663 10/10/2005 11:06 AM sgarg

Replacing MetaCatUtil.debugMessage or MetaCatUtil.logMetacat call with logMetacat (private Logger object) call

2658 10/06/2005 11:37 AM sgarg

if moderator is logged into metacat and no option for enable-editing is specified then enable editing by default

2654 10/05/2005 01:43 PM sgarg

Fix for bug 2222. So that correct query is generated when searchmode is 'not-contains'.

2653 10/04/2005 07:20 PM Jing Tao

Change the method to get access document docid and revision.

2652 10/04/2005 07:19 PM Jing Tao

Fixed bug which can cause eml beta6 couldn't run access control.

2650 10/04/2005 06:13 PM Jing Tao

Add rev in get data doc info.

2649 10/04/2005 06:12 PM Jing Tao

Fixed a bug if one server failed in replication, it will cause another server failed.

2648 10/04/2005 05:22 PM Jing Tao

Add code to guess the docid's revision in read action.

2647 10/04/2005 04:17 PM Jing Tao

Remove some debug message.

2646 10/04/2005 04:16 PM Jing Tao

Fixed bug couldn't delete xml_nodes when moving to xml_nodes_revision in replication.

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