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  common 2999 almost 15 years tyburczy added message explaining procedure to obtain or...
  images 2866 over 15 years sgarg added spinner.gif - used by templates/getReview...
  skins 3015 almost 15 years tyburczy changed padding-left value of .tablehead select...

Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
3015 06/21/2006 03:54 PM tyburczy

changed padding-left value of .tablehead selector to pixel rather than percent value to fix IE autostretch problem

3013 06/16/2006 09:31 AM Duane Costa

Remove unused images from lter skin.

3005 06/14/2006 08:26 AM Duane Costa

Major upgrade of lter skin. The skin now integrates the functionality of the advanced query web application (previously a separate web app) directly into the skin.

3000 05/25/2006 12:52 PM Duane Costa

Omit the html, head, title, and body tags from the advanced search results jsp. These tags are generated in the resultset.xml stylesheet, so they are redundant here.

2999 05/24/2006 10:56 AM tyburczy

added message explaining procedure to obtain organization-affiliated accounts

2976 04/03/2006 12:14 PM sgarg

Test checkin

2973 04/03/2006 02:49 AM Matt Jones

Modified the title if using the new account skin.

2971 04/03/2006 02:01 AM Matt Jones

New skin files for handling account management.

2968 03/22/2006 02:45 PM sgarg

Adding the xsl file for defining login behaviour for knp skin

2967 03/22/2006 02:44 PM sgarg

Adding the option for NCEAS in the organization list.
Adding the browse all datasets link
Replacing the links with the new dataknp links

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