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  ucsb 348 about 21 years Matt Jones Updated build process to now use a copy of the ...

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348 08/14/2000 01:43 PM Matt Jones

Updated build process to now use a copy of the source files so that keyword
substitution can ocur before the build. This allows for substitution of
hardcoded values into the source before the compile. Currently, I am
using this feature to do the following:...

346 08/14/2000 11:27 AM bojilova

added Logout handling

345 08/14/2000 11:11 AM bojilova

clear lib dir from paths like xmltodb/lib/something.html

344 08/14/2000 10:59 AM bojilova

on "DELETE" added delete from xml_index table for a given docid
before delete from xml_documents, b' of foreign key in xml_index(docid)
to xml_documents(docid)

343 08/11/2000 03:20 PM Matt Jones

Changed exception handling mechanisms for DBReader

342 08/11/2000 11:26 AM berkley

added createSQuery

341 08/11/2000 11:25 AM berkley

broke up handleQueryAction into handleQuery, handleSQuery, runQuery and transformDocument

339 08/10/2000 03:39 PM Matt Jones

changed getRootNode method from public to private

337 08/10/2000 02:48 PM bojilova

replaced some deprecated methods with the new v2.2 of Java Servlet API

336 08/10/2000 02:47 PM bojilova

changed paths, b' of new dev server

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