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  dev 4530 about 12 years daigle updated links in document list
  spatial 3523 about 13 years ben leinfelder some hints about installing new shape files and...
  user 4556 about 12 years daigle Added quick install/update sections to metacat ...

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# Date Author Comment
4556 11/12/2008 10:11 AM daigle

Added quick install/update sections to metacat installation instructions.

4542 11/10/2008 03:12 PM daigle

Add emphasis to the fact that ldap admin account(s) must exist in configuration and in metacat.

4532 11/06/2008 03:59 PM daigle

adjusted location of common.css file

4531 11/06/2008 03:59 PM daigle

moved this from one directory up because the user docs install in the top level metacat directory on knb web

4530 11/06/2008 03:58 PM daigle

updated links in document list

4529 11/06/2008 02:27 PM daigle

renamed to testing-metacat.html

4528 11/06/2008 02:27 PM daigle

Added new development documentation files.

4527 11/06/2008 02:26 PM daigle

Had to move the common.css file into the users directory since that directory is deployed at the top level of the knb web server metacat docs.

4526 11/06/2008 01:39 PM daigle

Fix typo

4525 11/06/2008 11:38 AM daigle

Added reference to common stylesheet at ../common/common.css

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