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metacat / src @ 522

Name Size Revision Age Author Comment
  com 71 about 21 years higgins Catalog files from arbortext added
  edu 522 over 20 years berkley changed naming scheme
loaddtd.sql 1.51 KB 491 over 20 years bojilova Included script for insert of all eml dtds.
loadstylesheets.sql 2.16 KB 510 over 20 years bojilova XSLT transformation on "login" and "logout" action
showdoc.sql 340 Bytes 390 over 20 years Matt Jones Added new utility query to return all of the xm...
sqlcatlist.sql 253 Bytes 123 almost 21 years Matt Jones Modifying storage model to use DOM TEXT nodes
sqldoclist.sql 205 Bytes 165 almost 21 years Matt Jones minor modifications to fix problems introduced ...
sqlnodeslist.sql 94 Bytes 108 almost 21 years Matt Jones added utility files and queries
sqlnodesview.sql 358 Bytes 166 almost 21 years Matt Jones minor modifications to fix problems introduced ...
sqlrevisions.sql 205 Bytes 203 almost 21 years Matt Jones Merged in substantial changes to DBWriter and a...
xmlpackage.sql 1.94 KB 439 over 20 years berkley sql file defining the table structure for eml-p...
xmltables.sql 7.28 KB 517 over 20 years berkley updated xml_relation table

Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
522 11/09/2000 01:41 PM berkley

changed naming scheme

521 11/09/2000 01:23 PM berkley

servlet to handle metacat replication requests.

520 11/09/2000 01:21 PM berkley

a timer based thread that does Delta-T replication checking.

519 11/09/2000 01:21 PM berkley

a parser to handle replication xml messages

518 11/08/2000 03:06 PM bojilova

change for using the db connection

517 11/08/2000 10:18 AM berkley

updated xml_relation table

515 11/07/2000 08:22 PM Matt Jones

Updated the Javadoc documentation so that the current release can be provided
on the web site.

514 11/06/2000 05:21 PM Matt Jones

Fixed problem with AuthInterface, AuthLdap, and AuthMcat where the
sigantures of the methods of these classes were not in agreement, which was
causing AuthLdap to no longer compile. Changed parameter signatures so that
the 'user' parameter is used consistently in all of the methods.

513 11/06/2000 10:38 AM bojilova

bug fix about util.openDBConnection() for xmlIndex tread

512 11/03/2000 12:02 PM bojilova

small fix for exception when srbMaster is not running

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