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  nceas 563 over 20 years Matt Jones Added a new URL protocol handler class for the ...

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563 11/22/2000 06:18 PM Matt Jones

Added a new URL protocol handler class for the metacat protocol. This
class will replace the current MetacatURL class in a much simpler and
extensible manner. See the documentation for and for details.

562 11/22/2000 02:56 PM berkley

this class allows the parsing of xml data sent by a replication server to assertain document info about a remote document.

561 11/22/2000 02:55 PM berkley

added functionality to allow the replication servlet to assertain and insert user and group info into the local database. started implementation of insert replication handler (it is commented out in this commit)

559 11/22/2000 09:39 AM berkley

fixed compatibility problem by overloading the write method. Jivka's new parameter (Reader acl) is now defaulted to null if it is not explicitly declared.

557 11/21/2000 11:43 AM bojilova

added interface to handle a new "acl" parameter bringing the text of a xml access file for a given metadata document
the "acl" parameter is optional and should be sent on INSERT or UPDATE action.

555 11/21/2000 10:04 AM bojilova

new class for parsing ACL XML file and loading acl data into metacat db

554 11/20/2000 09:11 AM berkley

added delete functionality

552 11/17/2000 02:34 PM berkley

added support for server_location in the xml_revisions table.

551 11/16/2000 03:36 PM berkley

removed inadvertent comments

549 11/16/2000 03:26 PM berkley

removed dependence on a server code in the accession number of each document. the file's resident server is now located in xml_documents.server_location.

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