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  dev 5911 over 10 years Matt Jones Added download links.
  spatial 3523 over 13 years ben leinfelder some hints about installing new shape files and...
  user 5880 over 10 years ben leinfelder Update to v1.10.0 and include new GeoServer con...

Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
5911 02/03/2011 05:10 PM Matt Jones

Added download links.

5908 02/03/2011 04:54 PM Matt Jones

Additional layout and styles for metacat documentation.

5907 02/03/2011 03:42 PM Matt Jones

UPdated documentation for the web.

5880 02/01/2011 11:53 AM ben leinfelder

Update to v1.10.0 and include new GeoServer configuration instructions

5871 01/31/2011 01:52 PM ben leinfelder

merge documentation from 1.9.3 branch before adding 1.10.0 changes

5435 07/14/2010 12:13 PM ben leinfelder

add a note about not shipping with Oracle JDBC jar.
remove "8i" from the Oracle references throughout the doc so as not to indicate it is a requirement that precludes more recent versions.

5336 05/05/2010 09:55 PM Matt Jones

Fixed some minor documentation errors regarding the Harvester.

5321 04/22/2010 04:54 AM Duane Costa

Add 'metacat/lib/oaipmh' directory to the list of required jar files in the 'Set up Metacat Dependencies' section.

5316 04/15/2010 09:43 AM daigle

Move all user images into the dev image directory. Remove all but the MetacatAdministratorsGuide from the user dir.

5311 04/14/2010 11:31 AM daigle

Merge 1.9.2 changes back into the trunk

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