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  ucsb 6196 about 10 years ben leinfelder allow reading from xml_revision table when we a...

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6196 06/23/2011 05:10 PM ben leinfelder

allow reading from xml_revision table when we are the doc owner

6195 06/23/2011 04:10 PM ben leinfelder

CNCoreImpl is replaced by CNodeService

6194 06/23/2011 03:58 PM ben leinfelder

implement CNAuthorization

6189 06/23/2011 02:26 PM ben leinfelder

Metacat does not implement CNIdentity - it is a stand-alone service

6188 06/23/2011 02:20 PM ben leinfelder

implement registerSystemMetadata

6187 06/23/2011 02:19 PM ben leinfelder

implement object format methods - using a separate class to do the actual metacat lookup/caching so that teh CN implementation looks cleaner

6186 06/23/2011 02:17 PM ben leinfelder

implement getLogRecords

6185 06/23/2011 01:54 PM ben leinfelder

include latest D1 common/lib changes

6179 06/22/2011 11:03 AM Chris Jones

Initial check in of the MNodeService stub methods that implement the D1 MN* interfaces. CrudService methods will be transitioned into this class. The methods follow the D1 0.6.2 API thus far.

Also changed CNodeService to reflect minor changes to the D1NodeService class.

6178 06/22/2011 08:13 AM Chris Jones

Add a static getInstance() method to CNodeService and make CNodeService a singleton.

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