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  bin 4810 about 12 years daigle moved file from metacat/bin to metacat/src/scri...
  docs 6473 over 9 years ben leinfelder explicitly require java 1.6
  lib 6532 over 9 years ben leinfelder update D1 jars to include recent SubjectList ->...
  src 6533 over 9 years Chris Jones IdentifierManager.getSystemMetadata() was missi...
  test 6532 over 9 years ben leinfelder update D1 jars to include recent SubjectList ->...
LICENSE 17.7 KB 666 over 20 years Matt Jones Modified the license and copyright terms for ma...
README 29.7 KB 6231 almost 10 years ben leinfelder include release notes from 1.9.5 branch (includ... 2.76 KB 6439 over 9 years ben leinfelder remove unused/old D1 SCHEMA downloads and build... 1.03 KB 670 over 20 years Matt Jones Updated build files with minor documentation ch...
build.xml 54.1 KB 6486 over 9 years ben leinfelder include default hazelcast.xml in the war build 16.3 KB 6053 about 10 years ben leinfelder remove very old "metacat webservice" code - as ...
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6533 10/12/2011 07:19 PM Chris Jones

IdentifierManager.getSystemMetadata() was missing the number_replicas and replication_allowed fields when building a ReplicationPolicy section of a SystemMetadata document being returned. Add in these two attributes.

6532 10/12/2011 11:17 AM ben leinfelder

update D1 jars to include recent SubjectList -> SubjectInfo refactoring and the SUBJECT_PUBLIC constant

6531 10/12/2011 11:08 AM ben leinfelder

include SystemMetadata when replicating data and metadata documents -- this allows us to establish the guid-to-docid mapping that is crucial for being able to read the replicated document by guid (d1 api)

6530 10/12/2011 10:00 AM ben leinfelder

throw InvalidToken when the Session parameter is null for create()

6529 10/11/2011 08:37 PM Matt Jones

Fix service versioning in so that when Metacat nodes are registered they report the correct service version for use in resolve() -- i.e., use "v1" instead of "0.6.4" in resolve urls.

6528 10/09/2011 02:50 PM Chris Jones

Once a CN calls replicate() on an MN, the MN needs to call getReplica() on the source MN (not get()). Once the bytes are retrieved, the MN must then call back to the CN with setReplicationStatus() to indicate that the replication status is complete. Modify MNodeService to do so.

6527 09/29/2011 11:43 PM Matt Jones

Bug fix for access control rules coming in from the dataone system metadata. Previously, the code used getLocalId() to get the docid to insert into the XML access table, but that docid included the revision number (e.g., foo.1.1), which it shouldn't. Now use the AccessionNumber class to strip off the rev to get a real docid for insertion into the table.

6526 09/28/2011 07:28 PM ben leinfelder

allow the XML namespace to be given in both double and single quotes. The regex pattern was only looking for xmlns values that were in double quotes. This was brought to light by LTER:

6525 09/26/2011 10:59 PM ben leinfelder

set date uploaded and date system metadata updated date to current time when calling MN.create() and MN.update()

6524 09/26/2011 02:46 PM ben leinfelder

updated d1_common jar (unknown changes)

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