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  hazelcast 7842 over 7 years ben leinfelder only use MapStore/MapLoader for saving/loading ... 70 KB 7600 almost 8 years Chris Jones Merging the METACAT_2_0_6_BRANCH changes for [M... 52 KB 7862 over 7 years ben leinfelder comment out the index queue call when archive()... 12.5 KB 7622 almost 8 years ben leinfelder use maven to manage most jar dependencies in Me... 76.6 KB 8190 over 7 years ben leinfelder better checking for ORE maps when publishing DO... 7.18 KB 6803 about 9 years ben leinfelder new jars with many changes -- including new CN ... 31.6 KB 8190 over 7 years ben leinfelder better checking for ORE maps when publishing DO...

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8190 09/12/2013 04:50 PM ben leinfelder

better checking for ORE maps when publishing DOIs (need to update the packages that contain sci meta).

8189 09/12/2013 01:45 PM ben leinfelder

implement ORE check method to actually query the MN for OREs that reference the given pid.

8162 08/23/2013 04:01 PM Jing Tao

Add code to throw an exception if the pathquery is not enabled.
We also need to disable building index if the pathquery is disabled.

8160 08/22/2013 04:04 PM ben leinfelder

use consistent file names and zip content names. Opted for "-" separator so that the zip writer does not remove the unique part of the filename.

8141 08/13/2013 12:57 PM ben leinfelder

copy the original systemMetadata when publishing a revision in order to avoid overwriting the original values - the shared map is listening!

8028 07/18/2013 10:53 AM ben leinfelder

type the doctype="metadata" objects as "FGDC-STD-001-1998" formatId for rendering XSLT and for DataONE SystemMetadata.

8026 07/18/2013 08:13 AM ben leinfelder

use custom FileInputStream subclass to delete the temporary bagit zip when the inputstream is closed (after someone has downloaded the zip).

8025 07/18/2013 08:02 AM ben leinfelder

use ObjectFormatCache instead of ObjectFormatService because we are not calling it as a CN.

8014 07/16/2013 04:21 PM ben leinfelder

include the localid when rendering the view (used in stylesheets)

8013 07/16/2013 04:05 PM ben leinfelder

use ObjectFormatCache.getInstance().getFormat() instead of the CN service (the MN does not typically act as a CN!)

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