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metacat / src / perl @ 8262

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  Metacat 7821 over 7 years ben leinfelder include filename in the filepart part. https://...
  control-services 2675 over 15 years Matt Jones Removed unused subroutines that were for testing.
  create-registry 2800 about 15 years sgarg Added new variables to the script which creates... 8.26 KB 3762 almost 13 years Matt Jones Fixes to record sies of ecogrid files, and to f... 3.24 KB 2499 almost 16 years sgarg Adding perl script for changing ldap password f... 11.1 KB 2341 about 16 years sgarg Integrating ldapweb.cgi & create-ldap-account.p...
docid-for-binaries.txt 792 KB 4722 about 12 years walbridge Add script for converting documents with docnam... 4.65 KB 4722 about 12 years walbridge Add script for converting documents with docnam... 4.58 KB 2638 over 15 years harris Added a function to strip out the whitespace th... 3.01 KB 2820 about 15 years Matt Jones This is a basic commandline client for resolvin... 4.29 KB 3724 about 13 years Matt Jones Skeleton for data insertion script. Also added ...
kruger_docids 824 Bytes 4166 over 12 years ben leinfelder initial doc id list from original conversion
ldapweb.cgi 54.1 KB 8262 over 7 years Jing Tao Remove an extra print content type statement.
list_of_docids 6.81 KB 2115 almost 17 years sgarg Perl script for transfering documents from one ...
register-dataset.cgi 155 KB 7822 over 7 years ben leinfelder correctly delete data file when we are done wit... 2.82 KB 7226 over 8 years ben leinfelder use kepler account as default 3.82 KB 4165 over 12 years ben leinfelder script used to update keywords for existing kru...

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8262 09/20/2013 04:36 PM Jing Tao

Remove an extra print content type statement.

8261 09/20/2013 03:26 PM Jing Tao

Add a print statment for "content type". Otherwise, the html can't show up.

8259 09/20/2013 02:42 PM ben leinfelder

do not email a specific account reset URL so that the emails can be used in multiple UI contexts.

8258 09/20/2013 01:17 PM Jing Tao

Comment out some extral "contet type".

8254 09/20/2013 12:20 PM ben leinfelder

ensure all emailed links make sense for the UI that initiated them. also format referrals using the same options as the primary accounts (recursive call needed the html parameter).

8253 09/20/2013 11:46 AM ben leinfelder

include optional email.overrideURL property for the account management page to send an email link that will result in a styled response.

8250 09/20/2013 07:48 AM ben leinfelder

use AJAX method of including the captcha.

8248 09/19/2013 05:03 PM Jing Tao

Remove an extra space in the email message.

8239 09/18/2013 03:15 PM ben leinfelder

Edit some of the instructions for activating an account.

8234 09/18/2013 01:23 PM Jing Tao

Remove the knb information in the emails.

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