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  dbadapter 7440 about 8 years ben leinfelder add link for reference on how to do record limi...
  metacat 9096 almost 6 years ben leinfelder organize imports. move exception-throwing metho...
  protocols 3077 about 14 years Matt Jones Removed the @release@ ant token from all files ...
  shared 5015 over 11 years daigle Create database and shared directories for data...

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9096 02/06/2015 09:21 AM ben leinfelder

organize imports. move exception-throwing method call into try block.

9095 02/06/2015 09:15 AM ben leinfelder

use HttpMultipartRestClient since the DefaultHttpMultipartRestClient was removed from d1_libclient_java

9094 02/06/2015 01:16 AM Matt Jones

Updated D1ResourceHandler to not hardcode a file size limit. This will allow
large, multi-gigabyte files to be uploaded, but still needs testing. The limit
is now drawn from the file. An alternative would be to inspect
the Content-Length header of the request and set the max to a value greater than the...

9093 02/04/2015 04:44 PM Jing Tao

The setReplicationStatus method only supports sid and the setRightsHolder method supports both PID and SID.

9092 02/04/2015 03:10 PM Jing Tao

Add the code transform a sid to a pid in publish, getPackage and view method. Fefer dataONE #6734.

9091 02/04/2015 02:28 PM Jing Tao

Fixed a bug that it should use getReplica rather than get method.

9087 02/03/2015 02:10 PM Jing Tao

The CN.setReplicationPolicy method now only support PIDs. Refer to

9083 02/02/2015 09:50 AM Jing Tao

Went through the v2 ObjectFormatList and convert every v2 ObjectFormat to v1 ObjectFormat and put them into a v1 objectFormatList.

9078 01/27/2015 04:30 PM Jing Tao

Add the log messages to indicate the hazelcast synchronization starting and ending.

9077 01/26/2015 04:52 PM Jing Tao

Add the code to handle sid in the publish method.

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