From 10/31/2014 to 11/29/2014


01:37 PM Bug #6612 (Resolved): Quotes in search filters are causing issues
Quote characters are taken out of the search term when they are at the end or beginning of the string. Multi-word sea... Lauren Walker
12:27 PM Bug #6616 (Resolved): Google map freezes after second search
This was being caused every time the map was loading on the page after a resize of the div somehow, usually when swit... Lauren Walker


12:17 PM Feature #6628 (New): Add copy/paste R and Matlab code snippet for downloading a DataONE package
In the Metadata View, add a small textbox where the user can copy/paste R code that will download the current package... Lauren Walker


03:22 PM Bug #6616 (Resolved): Google map freezes after second search
After a search in the top search bar, the Search View loads normally. Then after a second search from the top search ... Lauren Walker

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