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6202 Bug Resolved GOA: progress bar now too low - should start right at bottom of header
6189 Story Closed Rename Gulfwatch theme to GOA or GulfofAlaska
6180 Bug Resolved KNB theme: autocomplete truncates (...) before width is filled
6179 Feature Resolved Implement a "My Packages" link to search for packages only owned by the logged in user
6178 Bug Resolved Reset filters option should show when additionalCriteria are included in the searchModel
6177 Bug Resolved Check autocomplete focus CSS in all themes(only present in SNAP theme right now)
6176 Bug Resolved "Has data" tooltip is offset horizontally
6174 Feature Resolved Only show autocomplete suggestions that have a facet count > 0
6173 Feature Closed Show facet count next to each autocomplete suggestion
6171 Bug Resolved Dropdown menu for selecting package to download is not displaying correctly
6170 Feature Closed Hook up taxon query to actual solr fields
6169 Bug Closed Selection of an autocomplete item does not trigger a search when pressing Return
6168 Bug Resolved Search results view should route to the first page of results after changing any filter
6166 Bug Rejected URL format of #data/search/{criteria} not constraining results
6164 Feature Closed Limit query results to those of a specified working group/organization when using a theme that supports that feature
6163 Feature Closed Add working group names to the SNAP theme search filters sidebar
6162 Feature Closed Add input in registry form for working group information
6159 Bug Resolved KNB theme has 0 margin for ldapweb.cgi activation
6158 Feature Rejected Add new filter forhiding obsolete objects
6156 Feature Resolved Hide Publish DOI button unless signed-in user is authorized to publish
6155 Task Resolved Redesign the MetadataView for Gulfwatch theme
6153 Task Closed Create controlled vocabulary for SNAP
6152 Task Rejected Create metacat skin for metacatui-snap
6151 Task Closed Create search filter to subset SNAP results
6150 Task Closed Create sidebar filter for 2 SNAP working groups
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