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6270 Story Resolved Test the SNAP and Gulfwatch theme for errors since they do not have a map Actions
6248 Story Resolved Test new map features in IE Actions
6247 Feature Resolved Add result set icon to indicate that record is on the map Actions
6246 Feature Resolved Apply spatial search when panning at initial zoom level Actions
6241 Feature Resolved Any click on the map should close all current info bubbles Actions
6240 Feature Resolved Move pagination under the header Actions
6239 Feature Closed Add map marker icon in result list next to items with spatial data Actions
6238 Feature Resolved Remove bouncing animation from map markers Actions
6236 Bug Closed Clear search model when logging out Actions
6234 Bug Resolved Download package selector is cut off the side of the page in map view Actions
6232 Feature Resolved Reduce the size of the KNB footer Actions
6231 Feature Resolved Fix the positioning of the result list header Actions
6228 Feature Resolved Display a 'Using map boundaries' current filter to the Location filter list when zoomed in on the map Actions
6226 Bug Closed Data Year checkbox is not reset during resetFilters. Seemingly a jQueryUI issue Actions
6223 Feature Closed Refactor Google Maps API key into index.html configuration Actions
6222 Story Closed Ensure UI loads even when Google Maps is not configured Actions
6221 Task Rejected Borrow spatial aggregation library from d1_dashboard Actions
6220 Task Resolved Find JS library for centroid calculation Actions
6218 Feature Resolved Add a map on/off switch to the filter sidebar under Spatial Coverage Actions
6217 Feature Rejected Add a mini-map to the filters sidebar under "Spatial Coverage" fllter with a "Map Mode" link Actions
6216 Feature Closed Fix the positioning of the result list header and create a fade-out gradient at the bottom for scrolling Actions
6213 Bug Closed Elements in the mainContent view, such as the big 'find data' text input are underneath the hidden map node, therefore are unclickable. Actions
6212 Bug Resolved The #content div (results list) does not collapse when clicking on it's children - only when clicking on itself in the padding or empty space Actions
6211 Bug Closed Entering a new search term in the navbar input does not trigger the 'clear filters' button Actions
6209 Task Resolved Add map to KNB theme Actions
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