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6395 Bug Resolved Clicking on an autocompete suggestion does not submit the input Actions
6388 Feature Resolved Compress Solr response for faster page load Actions
6370 Feature Resolved Pan to marker on map on hover of the marker icon, not the entire row Actions
6369 Feature Resolved Download button should look like an icon but then as a button on row hover Actions
6368 Bug Resolved Pagination is not updated when 0 results are returned Actions
6364 Bug Resolved Filters are not reset after click of the "Data" link in the main navigation Actions
6363 Bug Resolved Page is too wide in external view Actions
6360 Feature Resolved Remove 'Share Your Data' button from data catalog view based on user feedback that it is more obvious in the main navigation and seems out of place Actions
6354 Feature Resolved Add explanation popover or change language for 'Using map boundaries' to clarify how the spatial filter works Actions
6353 Feature Resolved Move 'share data' and 'hide map' buttons up the page and give the sidebar a max-height to avoid overlapping Actions
6352 Bug Resolved Hide the horizontal scrollbar on the Filters sidebar Actions
6350 Feature Resolved Clear filter text inputs after the 'current filter' node has been created Actions
6349 Feature Resolved Display a "Download" label above the Download button in the result list *on hover* Actions
6343 Bug Resolved Last item in the result row does not display the abstract Actions
6291 Feature Resolved Only show dropdown for download button when there is more than one package. Actions

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