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6585 Bug Resolved Temporal coverage chart fails in the Stats View when there is no temporal data coverage Actions
6563 Bug Resolved Return to Page 1 when user zooms in on map Actions
6541 Bug Resolved "Details" links from package contents tables do not work (no associated anchor tag) Actions
6526 Bug Resolved Can't open on IE 8 Actions
6507 Bug Resolved Titles in the metadataIndex view are displayed when there are no populated fields in that section Actions
6506 Bug Resolved Facets for autocomplete dropdowns are not returning results from CN endpoint Actions
6504 Bug Resolved Build a "quick view" service in MetacatUI for ids pulled from the CN Actions
6503 Bug Resolved NaN error for publication date for some results pulled from CN Actions
6501 Bug Rejected Metadata view package contents table does not list "Other Entity" or image files Actions
6480 Bug Resolved Google Maps API fails often Actions
6397 Bug Resolved About view is not rendering in IE 8 Actions
6366 Bug Resolved Add the upload date to the result list row citation if pubDate is not in the EML Actions
6590 Feature Resolved Use geohash feature in the dataone theme Actions
6573 Feature Resolved Expand Not Found error message on metadata view Actions
6553 Feature Resolved Display the y-axis ticks marks in line charts Actions
6552 Feature Resolved Truncate the ID in the package contents table in Metadata View Actions
6551 Feature Resolved Do not display the labels in the metadataIndex view with camel case Actions
6549 Feature Resolved Enhance legibility of the line chart labels Actions
6528 Feature Resolved Add fancybox to the Google map image in the Metadata view Actions
6519 Feature Resolved Format view counts in the search results with commas Actions
6514 Feature Resolved Retrieve facets of the geohashes for all search results and map those facets Actions
6505 Feature Resolved Add Google Map image of spatial coverage to MetadataIndex view Actions
6502 Feature Resolved Add a dropdown of working group keywords to the Registry form in the NCEAS theme Actions
6487 Feature Resolved Allow searches on the DataONE CN  Actions
6399 Feature Resolved Transition the NCEAS metacat skin to the metacatui theming system Actions
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