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6880 Bug Resolved "Copy citation" feature not displaying in DataONE theme Actions
6876 Bug Resolved MetacatUI get an exception in the search interface Actions
6868 Bug Resolved Tooltips in the filter list are getting cut-off by the search results column Actions
6854 Bug Resolved DataONE profile says 0 files are uploaded in graph Actions
6850 Bug Resolved Provenance nodes are not displaying sometimes unless its on a fresh page load Actions
6786 Bug Resolved Map width doesn't change on browser zoom out Actions
6785 Bug Resolved Zooming in on the search page via the browser zoom control displaces the map (doesn't resize) Actions
6545 Bug Resolved The loading message for the Publish action in MetadataView looks odd in the default theme Actions
6877 Feature Resolved Add help text to "Anything" full-text search input Actions
6867 Feature Resolved Map should be fixed width in the search view Actions
6832 Feature Resolved Use /packages endpoint (with Metacat 2.5.0) Actions
6778 Feature Resolved Create Help page for describing MetacatUI Actions
6754 Feature Rejected Show more info in the georegion rollover Actions
6404 Feature Resolved Add an API synopsis page that gives a quick overview of the DataONE API and other developer tools. Actions
6227 Feature Resolved Use local versions of the Google Fonts  Actions
6875 Support Resolved ONEMercury vs MetacatUI search report Actions
6862 Support Resolved UI Testing feedback from AHM 2015 Actions
6757 Task Resolved Use the object name from the metadata in the prov charts Actions
6737 Task Rejected Use Solr 4 subquerying to determine if a metadata doc is in a package with a prov trace Actions
6708 Task Resolved Differentiate the prov chart nodes in some way from each other Actions
6691 Task Resolved Provenance Statements list duplicate IDs when navigating from the data search to the metadata view Actions
6686 Task Resolved Make sure the provenance displays correctly in the Metadata View Actions
6673 Task Resolved Collapse the prov chart after its height exceeds a certain amount Actions
6668 Task Resolved Show some basic info from the index when a data object in the prov chart has no science metadata Actions
6659 Task Resolved Add in ID filter Actions
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