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7089 Bug Resolved Constant refreshing of MetacatUI when filling out submission form Actions
7085 Bug Resolved Metadata View should show a link to the newest readable version of a dataset Actions
7082 Bug Resolved Add warning message when navigating away from the registry page Actions
7080 Bug Resolved Links to obsolete parent packages show in the Metadata View Actions
7079 Bug Rejected Group UI allows invalid entry causing Identity ServiceFailure Actions
7078 Feature Resolved Use new Arctic Data logo Actions
7077 Bug Resolved Use UTC for pubDates rather than local time zone Actions
7073 Feature Resolved Improve the Data Attribute tooltip description Actions
7072 Bug Resolved Opening a search result in a new tab with Ctrl+click still opens the metadata view on the current tab Actions
7070 Feature Resolved Add description to the Summary page, under the title Actions
7069 Bug Resolved Link the member node logo in the search results list to the member node profile Actions
7068 Bug Resolved Add "My groups" to the user dropdown list Actions
7067 Bug Resolved Change the "Apps" link text under profile settings Actions
7066 Support Resolved UX test report Actions
7065 Bug Resolved Improve the CILogon login button layout Actions
7064 Bug Resolved "Create Group" link in the user profile does not work Actions
7039 Feature Closed During Registry data upload, provide visual progress feedback Actions
7031 Bug Works For Me Profile queries not always reset correctly when navigating between profiles Actions
7006 Task Resolved UX testing of MN data service mockups Actions
6990 Feature Resolved Show or link to parent data package when viewing a child data package Actions
6984 Feature Rejected Use a cookie to store a draft of the registry form Actions
6946 Task Resolved Create mockup of the services display in metadata and search result views Actions
6942 Feature Resolved Use Javascript-only for copying to clipboard Actions
6918 Feature Rejected Consider most recent upload date as default year in max slider Actions
6911 Bug Resolved 'Not Found' error message when navigating to metadata view with resource map ID Actions
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