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6940 Task Resolved Turn off the settings panel of the user profile page in non-DataONE themes Actions
6939 Feature Resolved Include R code snippet to copy/paste the options() call with the user's token Actions
6935 Feature Resolved Create alternate index.html for under maintenance message Actions
6934 Task Resolved Apply partial COUNTER compliant filters, not full Actions
6933 Task Works For Me Download stats are wrong when logged in and viewing in Firefox Actions
6932 Task Resolved Metadata download stats are shown even though no metadata docs were uploaded by that person Actions
6931 Task Resolved User profile is grayed out sometimes even when activity is found 0.00 Actions
6930 Task Resolved Change downloads chart to bar chart with log scale Actions
6927 Task Resolved Display user email address in profile Actions
6926 Task Resolved Make group name/title in profile a link to the group profile Actions
6925 Task Resolved Add pager to the group members list Actions
6922 Task Resolved Create Member Node profiles Actions
6921 Task Resolved Show total amount of downloads underneath the username Actions
6920 Task Resolved Change format of "Contributor since.." in profile Actions
6919 Story Resolved User, Group, and Member Node profiles Actions
6914 Task Resolved Pending map request does not get removed from the UI when it is successfully confirmed Actions
6896 Task Resolved User is not signed out when session expires Actions
6878 Task Rejected Only display the user profile page for yourself when you are logged in Actions
6871 Task Resolved Add more labeling to the account search inputs on portal pages Actions
6856 Task Resolved Display a list of groups the user is in on their profile Actions
6853 Bug Closed ORCiD identitifers are not valid LDAP DN's, so errors are thrown Actions

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