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7116 Story Serialize an EML model to an EML document New Normal
6907 Bug Seach for object ID irregularly successful New Normal Lauren Walker
6457 Bug safari gives cert error and fails to load UI New High Lauren Walker
7119 Story Render an EML model in the UI New Normal
7134 Story Remove a data object from a collection New Normal
6699 Bug Prompt asks for credentials in Chrome on Android 4.4.2 New Normal Lauren Walker
7126 Story Projects section New Normal
5977 Feature Port web-based data-registry to backbone/bootstrap New Normal
5982 Feature Plans page New Normal Matt Jones
7121 Story People section New Normal
7053 Bug Parent dataset link in package view shows obsolete parent packages New Normal
7120 Story Overview section New Normal
7172 Bug Odd spacing/sizing/hover behavior in Submit/Login buttons in Arctic skin New Low
7001 Bug Odd sidebar rendering when switching resolutions New Normal
7125 Story Methods section New Normal
5986 Task Mechanism to flag data as featured for the query New Normal
6608 Feature Make filters in the data search view less cryptic when linking to a direct query New Normal Lauren Walker
7128 Story Make all fields in the EML View editable New Normal
6698 Feature Look at sorting by relevancy features in Solr New Normal Lauren Walker
7123 Story Locations section New Normal
6013 Story KNB rebranding New Normal
6872 Task "Invite your colleagues to join DataONE" feature New Low Lauren Walker
7057 Bug incorrect display of non-ascii characters In Progress Normal Lauren Walker
5972 Feature Implement pre-caching of one or more prior and next result pages for faster page transitions New Normal Matt Jones
5958 Feature Implement Featured Data query and display New Normal
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