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5982 Feature Plans page New Normal Matt Jones
5995 Feature Add Most Cited section to pre-canned sidebar searches New Normal
6317 Feature Add delete button to the Metadata view for archiving objects New Normal Lauren Walker
6483 Feature Create "filter" views and models to control the search filters In Progress Normal Lauren Walker
6510 Feature Display embedded videos in the metadata view New Normal Lauren Walker
6533 Feature Add capability to switch between querying the MN and CN in the search interface New Normal
6581 Feature Use the same language for unaffiliated accounts in "Create" and "Log in" dropdowns New Normal Lauren Walker
6603 Feature Display related datasets at the bottom of the Metadata View New Low Lauren Walker
6608 Feature Make filters in the data search view less cryptic when linking to a direct query New Normal Lauren Walker
6641 Feature add additional stats to #profile page New Normal Lauren Walker
6648 Feature Create and use a field name map in all index requests New Normal Lauren Walker
6698 Feature Look at sorting by relevancy features in Solr New Normal Lauren Walker
6706 Feature Add provenance fields to the online registry New Normal Lauren Walker
6767 Feature Allow search terms to be grouped by "OR" New Normal Lauren Walker
6777 Feature Use ITIS API for semantic searching using the taxon filter New Normal Lauren Walker
6787 Feature Add dataset citation info from PLOS DLM api New Normal Peter Slaughter
6805 Feature Show error message with Solr query error New Normal Lauren Walker
6820 Feature Add OR filter option New Low Lauren Walker
6842 Feature Create more intelligent breadcrumbs New Low Lauren Walker
6852 Feature Enhance Provenance Display in the Metadata View New Normal
6904 Feature Display image in Metadata View for images that don't have isDocumentedBy populated New Low Lauren Walker
6973 Feature Consider giving the user special feedback when viewing data packages with many (>1000) files New Normal
7107 Feature Basic fields on the EML211 model New Normal
7108 Feature EMLParty modules New Normal
7109 Feature EMLKeyword modules New Normal
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