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  1.14.0 3 Collapse all/Expand all
7159 Story Add provenance editor to the Metadata View New Normal Lauren Walker 1.14.0
7143 Bug Cache the annotations on each page to avoid multiple calls to the accounts service for the same person New Normal Lauren Walker 1.14.0
7147 Bug KNB header image 'animates' to fill the space in Safari New Low Lauren Walker 1.14.0
  1.X.0 23 Collapse all/Expand all
5985 Feature Add ability to 'tag' or annotate data sets with various types of terms New Normal 1.X.0
6929 Task Add bar graph of downloads over time New Normal Lauren Walker 1.X.0
6628 Feature Add copy/paste R and Matlab code snippet for downloading a DataONE package New Normal Lauren Walker 1.X.0
6859 Feature Add link to user's profile from Metadata View New Normal 1.X.0
6032 Feature Add dataset annotations to dataset views In Progress Normal Matt Jones 1.X.0
6924 Task Add spatial map of datasets in profiles New Normal Lauren Walker 1.X.0
6858 Bug Allow users to save their search via a bookmarkable/sharable link New Normal Lauren Walker 1.X.0
7011 Bug Bar labels "Time period of data" graph on #profile is cut off New Normal Lauren Walker 1.X.0
6718 Bug Consider not mapping search reuslts with a 0,0,0,0 bounding box New Normal Lauren Walker 1.X.0
6849 Feature Create new layout for displaying 'other entities' New Normal Lauren Walker 1.X.0
6788 Feature Determine geohash level for map tiles before sending the Solr query New Normal Lauren Walker 1.X.0
6599 Task Display image thumbnails in the Metadata View New Normal Lauren Walker 1.X.0
6923 Story Enhance User, Group, and Member Node profiles New Normal Lauren Walker 1.X.0
6705 Feature Find mapped identities when doing actions involving authentication New Normal Lauren Walker 1.X.0
6861 Feature Indicate which member nodes have no matches for the given search New Normal Lauren Walker 1.X.0
6857 Bug Make COINS work with Chrome (and other browser) extensions New Normal Lauren Walker 1.X.0
6229 Feature Make results list resizeable via jQueryUI Resizeable functionality New Normal Lauren Walker 1.X.0
7104 Bug Navigating directly to a dataset #view page using a data pid sometimes goes to an obsoleted package New Normal Lauren Walker 1.X.0
7162 Bug Packages with at least one private object can't be downloaded New Normal Lauren Walker 1.X.0
6843 Feature Query NCEAS admin db for current projects for Registry and custom filter tools New Normal Lauren Walker 1.X.0
6049 Feature Render some SystemMetadata details in views New Normal ben leinfelder 1.X.0
6913 Task Show message-type indicator in navbar next to username when a user has a pending identity map request New Low Lauren Walker 1.X.0
6664 Feature Store the resource map ID of the selected dataset in the SolrResult model and retrieve it in the Metadata View New Normal Lauren Walker 1.X.0
  2.0.0 8 Collapse all/Expand all
7040 Story A client side data and metadata manager and editor In Progress Normal Chris Jones 2.0.0
7071 Feature Add a table of contents to the Metadata View for easier navigation New Normal Lauren Walker 2.0.0
6947 Task Add MN Services display to search result views New Normal Lauren Walker 2.0.0
6810 Feature Create detailed user documentation for MetacatUI New Normal Lauren Walker 2.0.0
6948 Task Display loosely-coupled services in the Metadata View for datasets New Low Lauren Walker 2.0.0
6967 Bug If the most recent version of a metadata record is archived, the "there is a newer version..." message does not display New Normal Lauren Walker 2.0.0
6879 Bug Popover box in Google Maps does not always display New Normal Lauren Walker 2.0.0
7106 Story Retrieve an EML doc and parse into model attributes New Normal 2.0.0
  2.X.0 1 Collapse all/Expand all
7051 Task Develop a 'Move Dataset Levels' use case New Normal Lauren Walker 2.X.0
  (blank) 88 Collapse all/Expand all
6147 Task Add ability to set logo and brand for group New Normal
6641 Feature add additional stats to #profile page New Normal Lauren Walker
7136 Story Add a new data file to a package New Normal
6711 Task Add back button for prov trace New Normal Lauren Walker
6533 Feature Add capability to switch between querying the MN and CN in the search interface New Normal
6787 Feature Add dataset citation info from PLOS DLM api New Normal Peter Slaughter
6317 Feature Add delete button to the Metadata view for archiving objects New Normal Lauren Walker
6636 Task Add event listeners for hover features on mobile devices New Normal Lauren Walker
6660 Task Add more options to the Person filter New Normal Lauren Walker
5995 Feature Add Most Cited section to pre-canned sidebar searches New Normal
6820 Feature Add OR filter option New Low Lauren Walker
6706 Feature Add provenance fields to the online registry New Normal Lauren Walker
5980 Task Add result thumbnails to results listing New Normal
6682 Task Add tooltip to provenance features for more info New Normal Lauren Walker
7127 Story Allow editing of EML display New Normal
6767 Feature Allow search terms to be grouped by "OR" New Normal Lauren Walker
7131 Story Allow users to edit or create data packages in the editor New Normal
7107 Feature Basic fields on the EML211 model New Normal
6436 Bug + characters are not URL-encoded when part of a text search and are therefore being decoded in metacat as a space character New Normal Lauren Walker
5979 Task Choose new site name In Progress Normal Matt Jones
6768 Task Consider a back button for the search map New Low Lauren Walker
6712 Task Consider a two-column layout on each side of the prov chart to better show the flow of data and programs New Normal Lauren Walker
6973 Feature Consider giving the user special feedback when viewing data packages with many (>1000) files New Normal
7137 Story Create a data package from scratch New Normal
6648 Feature Create and use a field name map in all index requests New Normal Lauren Walker
7118 Story Create a new EML and its System Meta doc on a member node New Normal
6483 Feature Create "filter" views and models to control the search filters In Progress Normal Lauren Walker
5988 Task Create mechanism to associate images for slide show with featured data New Normal
6949 Task Create Metadata/MetadataIndex View for loosely-coupled services New Low Lauren Walker
6842 Feature Create more intelligent breadcrumbs New Low Lauren Walker
6683 Task Create responsive styling for the prov charts In Progress Normal Lauren Walker
7122 Story Dates section New Normal
5953 Feature Design and implement 'Your Collections' feature New Normal
6510 Feature Display embedded videos in the metadata view New Normal Lauren Walker
6904 Feature Display image in Metadata View for images that don't have isDocumentedBy populated New Low Lauren Walker
6603 Feature Display related datasets at the bottom of the Metadata View New Low Lauren Walker
6562 Task Do not send query for geohashes and autocomplete facets when navigating to different page in results New Normal Lauren Walker
7109 Feature EMLKeyword modules New Normal
7114 Feature EMLMethods New Normal
7110 Feature EMLOnlineDistribution New Normal
7108 Feature EMLParty modules New Normal
7115 Feature EMLProject New Normal
6044 Bug Enable sub-text searching in Solr queries In Progress Normal Chris Jones
6852 Feature Enhance Provenance Display in the Metadata View New Normal
6523 Story Enhance SEO of MetacatUI New Normal
6449 Task First year label on X-axis of line charts does not display New Low Lauren Walker
7111 Feature GeographicCoverage New Normal
6710 Task Have left-right swiping animation as the user navigates the prov trace New Normal Lauren Walker
5958 Feature Implement Featured Data query and display New Normal
5972 Feature Implement pre-caching of one or more prior and next result pages for faster page transitions New Normal Matt Jones
7057 Bug incorrect display of non-ascii characters In Progress Normal Lauren Walker
6872 Task "Invite your colleagues to join DataONE" feature New Low Lauren Walker
6013 Story KNB rebranding New Normal
7123 Story Locations section New Normal
6698 Feature Look at sorting by relevancy features in Solr New Normal Lauren Walker
7128 Story Make all fields in the EML View editable New Normal
6608 Feature Make filters in the data search view less cryptic when linking to a direct query New Normal Lauren Walker
5986 Task Mechanism to flag data as featured for the query New Normal
7125 Story Methods section New Normal
7001 Bug Odd sidebar rendering when switching resolutions New Normal
7172 Bug Odd spacing/sizing/hover behavior in Submit/Login buttons in Arctic skin New Low
7120 Story Overview section New Normal
7053 Bug Parent dataset link in package view shows obsolete parent packages New Normal
7121 Story People section New Normal
5982 Feature Plans page New Normal Matt Jones
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