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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
7145 Bug Closed Normal Uploads graph shows upload date of most recent version, not first versioin Lauren Walker 11/14/2016 02:17 PM Actions
7056 Task Closed Normal Investigate schema-based JS object generation Chris Jones 09/30/2016 02:05 PM Actions
7047 Task Closed Normal Develop the 'Add Metadata' use case Chris Jones 07/13/2016 01:34 PM Actions
7046 Task Closed Normal Develop the 'Remove a file' use case Chris Jones 07/11/2016 02:58 PM Actions
7045 Task Closed Normal Develop the 'Rename a file' use case Chris Jones 07/11/2016 11:25 AM Actions
7044 Task Closed Normal Develop the 'Upload Data' use case Chris Jones 07/06/2016 02:46 PM Actions
7039 Feature Closed Normal During Registry data upload, provide visual progress feedback Chris Jones 07/06/2016 02:14 PM Actions
6853 Bug Closed Normal ORCiD identitifers are not valid LDAP DN's, so errors are thrown Lauren Walker 01/07/2016 11:09 AM Actions
6667 Bug Closed Normal My Packages link uses incorrect query format Lauren Walker 02/24/2015 03:04 PM Actions
6522 Bug Closed Normal Charts on the Stats View are rendered twice Lauren Walker 04/17/2014 04:54 PM Actions
6521 Feature Closed Normal Draw the downloads over time graph by querying the D1 log aggregation service 12/16/2014 02:31 PM Actions
6472 Feature Closed Normal Count up the years with data coverage to display a "X year of data coverage" title 03/19/2014 12:02 PM Actions
6459 Bug Closed Normal Line chart Y scale is wrong when a line with data less than the Y scale is graphed Lauren Walker 03/19/2014 11:33 AM Actions
6447 Task Closed Normal Linear scale on Y axis does not adjust when an additional line is added to the chart with a higher count Lauren Walker 04/17/2014 05:05 PM Actions
6385 Feature Closed Normal Add 'Edit' button to metadata view for editing metadata through metacatUI rather than Morpho ben leinfelder 02/25/2014 04:34 PM Actions
6277 Bug Closed Normal Data coverage year filter did not work for doi:10.5063/AA/nceas.290.8 12/06/2013 11:36 AM Actions
6236 Bug Closed Normal Clear search model when logging out 11/25/2013 12:33 PM Actions
6226 Bug Closed Normal Data Year checkbox is not reset during resetFilters. Seemingly a jQueryUI issue 11/22/2013 02:32 PM Actions
6223 Feature Closed Normal Refactor Google Maps API key into index.html configuration 11/15/2013 10:22 AM Actions
6222 Story Closed Normal Ensure UI loads even when Google Maps is not configured ben leinfelder 11/18/2013 03:02 PM Actions
6216 Feature Closed Normal Fix the positioning of the result list header and create a fade-out gradient at the bottom for scrolling Lauren Walker 11/21/2013 02:16 PM Actions
6213 Bug Closed Normal Elements in the mainContent view, such as the big 'find data' text input are underneath the hidden map node, therefore are unclickable. 11/15/2013 08:15 PM Actions
6211 Bug Closed Normal Entering a new search term in the navbar input does not trigger the 'clear filters' button 11/15/2013 09:01 PM Actions
6206 Story Closed Normal Plot data packages on map layer Lauren Walker 11/15/2013 04:06 PM Actions
6205 Feature Closed Normal Add attribute search filter (text of name/label/description) ben leinfelder 11/14/2013 11:13 PM Actions
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