From 01/09/2000 to 02/07/2000


08:30 AM Bug #12 (Closed): compilation error in mde (
Attempt to rebuild mde java files using VisualCafe 4 reports interface
TableSelectionListner not found. This interfa...
Dan Higgins
08:22 AM Bug #11 (Closed): ibm xml parser jar file missing or corrupted
The file 'lib/xml4j_2_0_14beta.jar' that appears when mde is checked out is
apparently corrupted or missing. The fil...
Dan Higgins
08:17 AM Bug #10 (Closed): Current Drive problem
mde seems to assume current drive is C: Code would not run when installed on D:
drive, but worked OK when moved to C:
Dan Higgins
08:15 AM Bug #9 (Closed): Win 98 Not recognized - error in getting working dir
Error reported in getting the current working directory. Problem apparently
stems from hardcoded path the 'System32'...
Dan Higgins


06:05 PM Bug #8 (Resolved): element without attribute causes null pointer exception
Method setAttrTable(...) in class presently doesn't check
whether Enumeration dtdAttrDeclsEnum ha...
Rudolf Nottrott

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