From 07/21/2000 to 08/19/2000


05:59 PM Bug #73 (Resolved): eliminate all System.out and Sytem.err messages
The dmanclient currently prints copious debugging messages to stderr and
stdout. All of these must be removed, eith...
Matt Jones
05:57 PM Bug #72 (Resolved): need more user friendly notification on document errors
When a document error occurs, like if it can't be opened, saved, etc., or if
there are validation or other errors, t...
Matt Jones
05:53 PM Bug #71 (Resolved): File->New->Cancel still creates a new document
The MDE "New" dialog box has an "OK" and a "Cancel" button. Choosing cancel
should result in no action, but current...
Matt Jones
05:52 PM Bug #70 (Resolved): mde fails to open documents if tmp directory is missing
mde uses a temporary directory for storing copies of files when opening
documents. If the directory is missing, fil...
Matt Jones
05:49 PM Bug #69 (Resolved): options dialog label "Schema URL" is really "System ID"
The term "Schema URL" that we made up for a label in the mde Options dialog box
could be changed to "System ID" beca...
Matt Jones
05:47 PM Bug #68 (Resolved): Query performance inhibits UI refresh
When a query is launched, especially when local queries are running, there is a
very long delay before all of the ap...
Matt Jones
05:45 PM Bug #67 (Resolved): Need "not implemented yet" indication
All parts of dmanclient that represent features that are not yet implemented
need some text or other indication that...
Matt Jones
05:42 PM Bug #66 (Resolved): Need a progress bar on queries
The queryBean interface needs a UI widget to indicate that a query is still
happening. I't could be of the "indeter...
Matt Jones
05:41 PM Bug #65 (Resolved): toolbar "Save" and File->save are different
Clicking on the toolbar "Save" icon, and clicking on the file menu "Save' item
brings up different dialog boxes that...
Matt Jones


02:56 PM Bug #64: opening documents in mde fails because publicID not found
Determined that the comparison fails because the publicid is actually compared
with the options document root name, r...
Matt Jones
02:52 PM Bug #64 (Resolved): opening documents in mde fails because publicID not found
Trying to open a document in mde fails because the comparison of the document
publicID with the publicID stored in t...
Matt Jones


02:38 PM Bug #50: new mdeBean generates NullPointerException when run
Bug fixed by minor changers in code and placing gif files in proper location
(Loding using getResource() appends pack...
Dan Higgins


01:08 PM Bug #50 (Resolved): new mdeBean generates NullPointerException when run
Running the new dmanclinet code with the mdeBean generates a
NullPointerException when a new document is created. Th...
Matt Jones


09:06 AM Bug #10: Current Drive problem
Fixed with new platform independent method for getting current working directory Dan Higgins
09:04 AM Bug #9: Win 98 Not recognized - error in getting working dir
Bug fixed with new platform independent routine for getting working directory Dan Higgins
09:02 AM Bug #37: mde URLs for DTDs are inaccessible to metacat on insert
Public ID now assigned through Options class in mde. Metacat should ignore the
system ID if proper Public ID assigned...
Dan Higgins
08:59 AM Bug #36: mde doesn't handle PUBLIC ids properly
Options class modified to include a PublicID string that is used in the DOCTYPE
element of the XML document created
Dan Higgins


08:42 AM Bug #11: ibm xml parser jar file missing or corrupted
Problem no longer exists. Dan Higgins

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