From 01/08/2009 to 02/06/2009


02:59 PM Bug #3459: Support EML 2.1.0 in Morpho
rationale for the suggestion of 1.7:
A major feature of EML2.1 is that no empty elements are allowed, so some authors...
Margaret O'Brien
02:19 PM Bug #3459: Support EML 2.1.0 in Morpho
Do we need to change this release to morpho 1.7. Margaret argues we should change it since it supports eml 2.10. Jing Tao
02:17 PM Bug #3808: Export to zip file doesn't work
I also tested in Mac, it worked too.
The reason why "export zip file" was broken is that the data file structure was...
Jing Tao
02:08 PM Bug #3808: Export to zip file doesn't work
Tested the fix which Jing wrote, and it works under both Linux and Windows. Shaun Walbridge


02:02 PM Bug #3808: Export to zip file doesn't work
I tried to export two packages - one with data and one without data. Importing the package without data succeed but i... Jing Tao


09:46 AM Bug #3808 (Resolved): Export to zip file doesn't work
When trying to use the 'Export: Export to a zip file...' feature fails. It first reports that it successfully export... Shaun Walbridge


04:07 PM Bug #3760 (Resolved): "Edit" button defaults to tree editor
When a user clicks an "edit" button (on the far-right edge of the screen) Morpho opens tree editor for that element e... Margaret O'Brien


03:56 PM Bug #3759 (New): more dialog boxes for editing and maintaining data packages
When editing an existing data package, the tree editor is the only option for handling content of a responsibleParty(... Margaret O'Brien
01:55 PM Bug #3565: hangs up loading data package
I figured this one out - the document had a stylesheet instruction as the second line. Morpho had no problem when tha... Margaret O'Brien


03:00 PM Bug #3737 (Resolved): Morpho generated tables have a confusing name
When data tables are created through the Morpho interface, the <objectName> element of the resulting data table is '~... Shaun Walbridge

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