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6042 Bug New Cannot save/synchronize Morpho data package to the network
5706 Bug New Menu bar font color in Ubuntu difficult to read
5570 Bug Resolved allow map to be replaced with alternate image
5264 Bug Resolved EML 2.1.1 support
5256 Bug Resolved Morpho V 1.9 Help: Morpho User Guide does not download
4640 Bug New add prev/next buttons to 'Edit Column Documentation' dialog
4628 Bug New Testing version 1.7.1 beta: Morpho Tree Editor produces invalid documents
4624 Bug New local/network status icons sometimes (inconsistently) incorrect
4542 Bug New Feature Request: Import / update metadata from MySQL database
4461 Bug New delete local copy only deletes the most recent stored revision, but this is not indicated
4460 Bug New morpho package listing can be confusing when out of sync
3476 Bug New Search Result Selection list elements change when selected
3475 Bug New Morpho data table search results do not display
2799 Bug Resolved Access List doesn't include groups at LDAP root
2473 Bug In Progress Morpho uses too much memory
2428 Bug Resolved Morpho incorrectly tries to update instead of insert when saving a dp to a second metacat
2216 Bug New Custom units not assigned to unit type category properly
2210 Bug Resolved Displaying taxonomic information imported from table
2209 Bug New Run the parser when a Save event is generated
2201 Bug Resolved data not uploaded to metacat from morpho
2199 Bug New Info in additionalMedata tags not displayed when viewing data package
2165 Bug Resolved Password appears in log file (stderr.log)
2094 Bug Resolved "New Profile" keyboard navigation skips page 2
2070 Bug New Problem with 'individualName' and 'distribution' fields in tree editor
1992 Bug Resolved DP Wizard: lat/long coordinates not displayed correctly or saved
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