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652 Bug Resolved Bug when Canceling 'Create New Datatable..."
651 Bug Resolved need to add a sample dataset to Morpho distribution
645 Bug Resolved Rename data set documents to metadata.html
642 Bug Resolved Automatic update of config.xml needed when new version installed
639 Bug Resolved Problem adding data to a package
631 Bug Resolved text edit boxes in editor are missing in Installer version
630 Bug Resolved new xsl stylesheet needed for eml-attribute
623 Bug Resolved null pointer exception when canceling editor
621 Bug Resolved XML Editor changes do not result in datapackage update
617 Bug Resolved After updating a data file, entity, attribute and physical document version is not consistent in local and metacat
616 Bug Resolved Enable and diable bug in local frame
615 Bug Resolved Tab delimiter problem after clicking update butto
613 Bug Resolved verify/fix synchronize/export/delete for data package window
612 Bug Resolved remove all metacat terminology
610 Bug Resolved verify/fix problem with importing comma and tab delimited data
605 Bug Resolved When Trying to Resize Columns in Dataview, Column Becomes Selected
604 Bug Resolved Right-click in DataView Clears Selection
603 Bug Resolved XSLT works only under JRE1.4
587 Bug Resolved Open dialog couldn't search network if relogin
582 Bug Resolved Query plugin using a method directly from datapackag plugin
581 Bug Resolved Update Xalan.jar file to current version
573 Bug Resolved butterfly still flaps after cancelling a revise search request
571 Bug Resolved fix height of toolbar on windows
569 Bug Resolved enabling/diabling menus and toolbars in MorphoFrame
561 Bug Resolved Error Export and Export to zip
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